Before starting your furniture refinishing, you must check out if you have the right tools required. If you have the tools and know the steps for you can easily refinish your furniture on your own. You can make your old house furniture look classy by refinishing them.

Check every furniture if they have scratches, nicks, and cracks. Also if it has a watermark or has any unfinished painting. If it got stained and darkened. Investigate all of these issues in your furniture. If you have these types of issues then you need to refinish it in time. You can follow up on these tools to refinish your own furniture.

Sandpaper & Sander

Sanding wood gets it down to the native wood. Both sandpaper and sander are used together. Sanding also helps to get rid of small scratches. To remove the complicated varnish and paint from your wood you have to use low-grit sandpaper.

Also, high-grit sandpaper is also used when low-grit sandpaper has done its job. It is used to clear out any thin layers of varnish and paint. High-grit sandpaper is helpful to remove deep brush strokes or drips. When done sanding, be sure to wipe the wood surface with a rag cloth.

It is up to you to choose the particular sandpaper for your work or project. To complete heavy sanding, coarse sandpaper with 40-60 grit would do the job. Then as for smoothing the surface and fading the defects, 80-120 grit sandpaper is perfect.
Sandpaper & Sander
To finish off the surface smoothly, 360-600 grit sandpaper is measured. When you’re using higher grit sandpaper to sand, you undo the scratches made by the lower grit sandpaper. After sanding, clean up your furniture dust and make sure it’s smoother when you touch your furniture.

Woody Putty & Putty Knife

Wood filler helps you to fill up your dents, nicks, and scratches. If you have some missing part in your furniture wood filler helps you to fill up that spot. Depending on the damage to your furniture a large amount of wood putty filler needs to be applied in your furniture. Make sure your wood filler spreads perfectly to the required area that you wanted to fix.

If you have major damage in your furniture and you want to fill up your damage because it’s your favorite furniture, undoubtedly wood putty helps you to fix that issue. You can fix your old and worn-out furniture with wood filler as well it will make them work like new. Check online if you are confused about how to choose the right wood putty for your needs.

A putty knife allows you to add putty in the edges you want them to apply. A putty knife is one of the essential tools in your toolbox. It is mostly used to apply fillers such as wood filler, drywall taping compound, scraping residue, and other filling materials. The surface of this blade is mostly flexible for filling. It helps to spread perfectly on the surface where you want to apply. A well made stainless steel putty knife lasts long if you keep it clean in the toolbox.


You can’t just paint your wood directly. You need to apply a primer using a paintbrush. Primer mainly cooperates with the paint and lets it easily attach to the wood. The variant of the primer varies on the color you are going to use over your wood.

Use a grey primer to put dark paint color on the wood. Use a white primer to put light paint colors on the wood. To determine the original color of your wood, you may have to use 2 to 3 types of primers. So be confident about your work and have enough primers with you.

But, now we have a type of paint which already comes with primer with it. It is also called self-priming paint, paint & primer in one, etc. Its main marketing focus is that you don’t have to waste time priming your wood, you can just use the paint directly. So it is indeed a better solution in priming your wood.

Paint and brushes

Your paint depends on what type of color you want to apply to your furniture. You need to measure the size of your furniture and choose the amount of paint you want to apply. You might need to apply two or three thin coats in your furniture. Depending on everything you need to choose the proper brush for your refinishing project.
Paint and brushes
Make sure you clean up your furniture before starting painting for your furniture. Painting your old furniture helps you to give them a new look. So you don’t need to buy expensive furniture for your home. You can do it in your home on your own without costing money. Many people rush the work of painting and the don’t get good results for that. Just give proper time and have patience and you can have the perfect color for your furniture.


Varnish works to seal up your furniture painting. It protects your furniture from outside elements. Varnishing also helps to make your furniture shiny and gives a smoother effect. It will give a glow to your furniture making your room look more beautiful.

Varnish allows you to see the natural scars in the wood finishing and it looks quite beautiful when it glows. It’s a chemical formula that helps to finish the coating of furniture. The stain is usually used when your furniture is completely painted and the finishing touch is needed.


Refinishing wooden furniture is the best thing you need to do for your home decoration. You don’t want to make your home look old. You can easily workout with these following tools in your work. If you have enough money and don’t want to work for yourself, you can hire professionals. But that’s going to cost you money. You can easily refinish your simple issue on your own by these tools.