Thinking about pursuing a career as a real estate agent? Our guide on how to become a real estate agent breaks down the process into simple steps!

Do you know your city like the back of your hand? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time watching HGTV every day? Do you love the idea of helping families find their dream homes?

If you answered “yes” to one of these questions—or, better yet, all of these questions—you might want to think about launching a career as a real estate agent. It can be a very rewarding and lucrative career for those interested in the ins and outs of real estate.

Learning how to become a real estate agent is the first step you should take if you’re interested in moving in this direction. You don’t need to spend four years in college to work as a real estate agent, but you do need to complete a real estate course and become licensed before you can begin. Here’s your complete guide to how to become a real estate agent.


Talk to a Real Estate Agent About Their Job

There are more than 2 million people with active real estate licenses in the U.S. today. Before you start working your way towards getting licensed, it’s smart to sit down with one of the real estate agents in your area to ask them about their job.

There are dozens of questions that you can ask a real estate agent to learn more about their profession. Some good questions to ask include:

  • “Is it possible to work as a full-time real estate agent in this area?”
  • “What are the best and worst parts of your job?”
  • “What is one thing you wish someone had told you about working as a real estate agent before you became one?”
  • “What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming a real estate agent?”

In theory, working as a real estate agent might sound amazing. Who wouldn’t love to spend their days looking at homes with clients?

But there are, of course, challenges that you’ll face as a real estate agent. It’s good to know about them before you start making a push to turn yourself into a realtor.

Figure Out How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Your State

If you spend an hour or two speaking to a real estate agent and decide that you do, in fact, want to kickstart a real estate career, your next step will be to figure out how to become a real estate agent in your specific state.

Every state has slightly different requirements for those looking to break into the real estate business. But generally speaking, you will need to meet these basic requirements in most states:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a legal U.S. resident
  • You must take real estate classes to work towards becoming licensed
  • You must pass a real estate exam to earn your license

As we mentioned, there are certain states that have more specific requirements for wannabe real estate agents. You should take a look at what your state requires.

From there, you can ask yourself, “Am I ready to become a real estate agent?”, one final time before taking the plunge.

Enroll in a Real Estate Class

Ready to move full steam ahead with a real estate career? The next thing you’ll want to do is find somewhere to take the real estate class that you’ll need to take in order to take your real estate exam.

You can usually take these classes in a variety of different places. In some cases, they’re held at special real estate schools, while in others, they’re held at community colleges, technical schools, and other establishments.

Try to find a place that offers real estate classes in your area. Make sure they have a great reputation for producing results when it comes to helping people pass the real estate exam.

Once you’re signed up for a real estate class, attend each and every lecture so that you know everything there is to know about how to become a real estate agent. A real estate class can be intense, so prepare to study hard throughout the duration of it.

Take (and Pass!) Your Real Estate Exam

At the end of your real estate class, you’ll be given a real estate exam that will determine whether or not you’re able to earn your real estate license. The future of your real estate career hinders on your ability to take and pass this exam.

If you struggle with taking tests, try to find exam prep materials that you can use when you study for the real estate exam. They’ll help you digest information better and increase your chances of passing your exam with flying colors.

Begin Working With a Real Estate Broker

As long as everything goes according to plan, you will pass your real estate exam after taking your real estate class and be able to claim the title, “Real Estate Agent.” You’ll be ready to start helping people buy and sell homes.

Before you can get going, though, you’ll need to link up with a real estate broker in your area. They can help you build up your client base and show you the ropes when you’re working to get your real estate career off the ground.

This article explains the difference between real estate brokers and real estate agents for you. It might also encourage you to set your sights on becoming a real estate broker one day.

Know How to Become a Real Estate Agent Before You Start the Journey

Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t usually take very long. Some people are able to take a real estate class and pass their real estate exam within just a couple of months.

But you should try not to rush into things if you find that becoming a real estate agent sounds interesting to you. By learning how to become a real estate agent before you do it, you can ensure that you’re chasing the right dream.

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