So often, services like junk removal services slip into the undercurrent of society. They are not as well known, or not as commonly spoken about compared to other services and companies.

The world produces an absurd amount of trash. As of earlier this year, China is the top waste producer. It produces 59.8 million tons of just plastic waste per year. Following behind is the United States, which produces 37.83 million tons of plastic waste. On a grand scale, the United States produces over 265 million tons of general trash over the course of a year. Out of this number, only 90 million tons are recycled. This means that a majority of the garbage produced is not being discarded or tended to properly.

The point is, the world and the country are producing an incredible amount of waste, and that needs to be discarded properly. Junk removal services like Royal Junk company need to step in and take responsibility. They need to make sure that junk and waste are discarded in a way that is responsible for both the environment and the local community. It is their role to take the junk, and discard of it properly.


So how do these more significant numbers break down specific to the United States? The United States, on a daily basis, averages over 728,000 tons of trash. The trash is discarded in over 2000 dumps, even though a vast majority of it could be recycled or a better solution could be found. So often, when people are discarding their trash, they don’t have the time or energy to worry about properly discarding it. The fact is, recycling is not difficult, and specific junk removal services that are dedicated to an eco-friendly mantra make it even easier.

So what does the process of properly discarding trash look like? First off, the most critical step is sorting the trash. Separate recyclables from compost and trash. Also, separate the items that could be refurbished or used by other people. For instance, many people are quick to throw out electronics when they do not work. Many electronics can be restored and sold again, like laptops, desktop computers, printers, televisions, DVD players, or other items. Getting these items to where they need to be can be an extra errand on top of a day full of errands, which is why companies like Royal Junk take care of it for you.

One of the other huge benefits of junk removal is that it can quickly get rid of oversized objects. Oversized objects like couches are challenging to get rid of because not everybody has a truck or vehicle large enough to bring it to a local dump. Junk removal can take care of this quickly and easily, without even leaving you time to stress about dealing with oversized objects.

At the end of the day, junk removal is not only more efficient, but it is also more responsible. They recognize that it is their duty and responsibility to separate and discard of junk properly, in an environmentally friendly and community-friendly fashion.