Having a functioning furnace in cities like Calgary is crucial this time of year. Temperatures drop and we require more out of our furnace than we did in the fall, spring or summer. We need to make sure it is up to the challenge. If you find that your furnace isn’t quite operating at its best, you have a difficult decision to make.

You can decide to repair the furnace to get it back to a working state. On the other hand, you can also replace it with a newer furnace. So which is the better choice? Well the answer is, it depends. This article is going to go over a few beneficial tips to help you choose whether you should repair your furnace, or replace it.

Talk to the Experts

One of the first things you do is reach out to a professional to have your furnace inspected. Reaching out to a company such as Furnace Repair Calgary can help you get the inside scoop on the state of your furnace. They can provide you a list of the repairs that will need to be done, or help you choose a replacement, if necessary.  

They may also be able to help you choose which option makes more sense for you. Of course, the choice is ultimately yours, but it can be helpful to hear the recommendations and thoughts of experts in the field.

Look at the Costs

Of course, another factor when deciding to repair or replace your furnace is the cost. While a replacement will almost always be more expensive than repairs, that doesn’t mean repairs are always the way to go. For example, if the cost of repairs will be more than half the cost of a replacement furnace, it is normally recommended to simply get a replacement.

Yes, this is more costly up front, but you will get more value in the long term. Of course, if your budget only allows you to fix your current furnace, then that is the option you should go with. Any working furnace, even an older one, is better than not having one at all. Also, be sure to shop around if you do decide to buy new. If you simply go with the first option you come across, you could be leaving a better deal on the table elsewhere.

Consider the Age of Your Furnace

Another consideration to make in your decision will depend on the age of the furnace. While it can vary on a case-to-case basis, furnaces usually have a life expectancy of around 16 to 20 years. They can last longer, but this depends on usage, the quality of the furnace and how well it was maintained over the years.

If your furnace is getting older, and is pushing that 16 to 20-year range (or has surpassed it), it is often best to replace over repair. It doesn’t make sense to invest money into a furnace that likely won’t be functional for more than a couple more years. On the other hand, if your furnace is only a few years old, it is almost always worth it to get minor repairs done rather than pay for an entire new furnace.

Look into Energy Saving and Other Potential Benefits

Another thing to think about when making the decision are the potential benefits of a new furnace. One of the biggest is the potential to save energy. Many newer models are more energy efficient, allowing you to heat your home for a fraction of the cost. Not only will this save you money, it can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to saving energy, installing a more efficient furnace could help you take advantage of some available rebates. For example, the Home Efficiency Rebate can give you $5,000 back if you install at least two eligible upgrades. Do some research on the availability of offers like these, as they can often offset the costs you might be incurring.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should automatically go for the newer option because of this, but it is important to take all factors into consideration and think about the future, not just the present.

The Right Option for Restoring Heat to Your Home

It can be a difficult decision to choose whether to replace your old furnace or simply make the required repairs. If you talk to experts, look at the costs and potential benefits as well as consider the age of your furnace, it can make the decision a little easier and you can be sure to make the right one.