There are numerous things to consider while purchasing the best wall-mounted fireplace. First, you should consider your requirements and space to get the best results from these factors. Find below the things you should take into account:


First, you should consider the room space that fits the wall-mounted fireplace and also its appearance. The selected wall must have at least 6 feet of clearance on all sides to withstand the fireplace’s weight. Generally, the fireplace size should not exceed the TV size and must fit within the wall space. for ex: Dimplex Ignite XL 74″ Linear Electric Fireplace.


You need to understand the already utilized materials within the room, such as whether the floors or carpet are laid down or made of solid wood, and whether the furniture items are made of different materials. Also, whether the furnished room is in a traditional theme or modern style implementation.

These questions will assist you in selecting the best materials to surround your fireplace. Ceramic, wood veneer, glass, stainless steel, and chrome are the most popular materials on the online market.

Design Styles

With the help of modern manufacturing techniques, you can choose from a wide range of various sizes and shapes to fit the surroundings.

While choosing, pay attention to the design elements that are located in the room. The most important options to choose from are beveled edges featuring panels, curved panels, and flat-screen. However, some of the units are also rectangular in shape.

Surround Colors

Nowadays, the surrounding colors are created in any color combination with huge possibilities. When choosing the appropriate color theme, ensure that it is perfectly suited for your room. It is also advisable to choose a color that matches the other prominent features of the wall-mounted fireplace, which is available in popular finishes such as wood veneers, silver, white, and black.

Control Panel

Based on your available budget, these features may range from the highly advanced to the ultra-simplistic. If you prefer to utilize the electric fireplace with a touchscreen option, be aware that if it is broken, it will not be possible to control the various settings, like the temperature. You need to repair the unit for it to work properly. Some units will provide the remote control feature for changing or
modifying the settings from a distance.

In-built Fan

The fan is one of the most important features of any wall-mounted fireplace because it helps the unit to prevent overheating. It is wise to choose the best unit that includes an in-built fan that powers on automatically to cool down the unit after reaching a certain temperature point. Overheating is prevented by using the cut-out switch to trip automatically after reaching a high temperature or if the fan fails.

Heat Release

This is another important feature that is commonly missed by homeowners. You should check whether the heat can be released from the top side, from the sides, from the bottom side, or even in all three combinations. It will affect the type of decor that is placed within the wall-mounted fireplace.

Energy Efficiency

It is advisable to choose a unit that has a high energy efficiency rating to protect it against rising energy costs. These models can also protect our environment.

Heat Output

The standard unit of a wall-mounted fireplace can produce heat output within the range of 1 kW and 2 kW. This can offer comfortable heat to cover the room’s area of around 40 square meters. For a bigger room, you should choose the model that comes with a larger heat output.


Another important feature is to consider the type of lighting in the unit and the appearance of the flame. It is essential to research the online marketplace to choose the best wall-mount fireplace for use. You can also choose models that turn on the flame by themselves, even if you don’t use the heating feature. It could be an ideal choice to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your room.