An older home allows you to enjoy the benefits of historical charm and character but preserving the history while simultaneously having a look and feel of the present can be challenging. However, you can achieve the comforts of a cozy, well-designed home by making new upgrades to your home. You can mix traditional with modern living room upgrades to add a more visual appeal and feel. Here are some practical ways to make your old home look new without spending much time or breaking your bank.

Paint old and damaged walls

Paint can make a dramatic transformation to any room. A fresh paint job is especially valuable if your walls have chipped or are showing stains or other flaws. Choosing the right color scheme is the key. Funky colors and tinted neutrals are your best bet since they are cool and simple to blend throughout the home. Another great bet is an off-white color palette, which can give an illusion of a roomy house.

Install new siding

Siding covers much of your home, so replacing it can give your home a new look and feel. Home siding comes in various materials, so you can change the architectural feel of your home by switching from vinyl siding to wood siding or something else. If you are considering new siding, be sure to work with experts like Landmark Roofing for durable, high-quality siding options that will give your home a modern look and feel.  

Revamp your bathroom

Bathrooms quickly get dirty and dingy. Start a bathroom revamp with a thorough cleaning. The results will give you fresh motivation to overhaul the rest of the room. Once the space is clean, check the outdated light fixtures, faucets, vanity, shower curtains, and knobs. Replacing one or two of the oldest items can make your bathroom look modern and new.

Update drawer pulls, and door handles

Nothing makes your kitchen and bathroom look outdated than old-fashioned, dirty, worn-out knobs and handle pulls. There are so many ways to update your cabinetry, so there is no excuse not to update your door handles and cabinet. You can also choose from many finishes, including brushed nickel, bronze, shiny stainless, and aged copper.

Generally, a country kitchen can look elegant and updated with contemporary stainless knobs, while a modern kitchen will look fantastic and eclectic with more vintage-style knobs. The design option depends on your taste and preference, so get out there and begin updating your bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Replace old light fixtures

Lighting has a significant impact on your home. They brighten your rooms and can define the appearance and feel of any space. Light fixture designs keep changing, so consider replacing outdated chandeliers, sconces, and pendants if they look old-fashioned. In addition, if your rooms are dim, it might be a great idea to switch soft-translucent bulbs with daylight bulbs. Look at your exterior lighting too. In some instances, exterior light fixture finishes only require to be updated with a new coat of paint instead of replacing the entire fixture.

Remove scuff marks on the paint

Even if the paint is still holding up well and you still like the color, the walls might have accumulated scuff marks that pull down the look of the entire room. To remove these annoying marks without damaging the paint finish, get a toothbrush and some plain white toothpaste. Scrub your walls gently and watch scuffs vanish from your walls, leaving the rooms looking chic and polished. Alternatively, you can use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to clean your painted walls. 

Landscape your yard

Landscaping is usually overlooked, but landscape design can significantly affect your home’s curb appeal. Although not everyone has a green thumb, making some raised garden beds or planting more flowering shrubs and trees can be easy.

Visit your local greenhouse, and their experienced staff will advise you about the local plant life. Inquire about what plants will thrive better in your area and which are easy to maintain. Many of these garden centers have an experienced landscape architect who can design landscaping for you.

Start by adding some flowering shrubs to your front yard, then slowly add a small raised bed around the walkway or front door. Be sure to layer the plants’ heights with the tallest in the back and read the planting recommendations for spacing and expected heights. With time and patience, you will have a wonderfully landscaped lawn.

Deep clean your upholstery furniture

Upholstered furniture may look unpleasant for wear due to dirty paws and dropped plates of food. Luckily, depending on the fabric, you can make your sofa look brand-new again with some elbow grease, an upholstery brush, or some gentle dish soap. Some fabrics should not be cleaned with water, so ensure you check the label first.

Give your front door a makeover

Painting your front door can create a fresh, updated look to your entrance area. Paint the front door with bright exterior paint to make it stand out as the center of attraction for your home. Pick a vibrant color, such as red, to give it the best visual appeal. Add a new set of a brushed-nickel doorknob, door knocker, and kick plate.

Place a flowerpot on either side of the front door to add to its prominence. Include varieties of new light fixtures on the left and right sides of the door that match the style of your home. Finish with a brand-new doormat in a bright-colored design to create a fresh appearance and feel.   

Add temporary wallpaper

Adding removable wallpaper is another great way to update a room. These semi-permanent choices are easier to apply than regular wallpaper, and you can change them now and then for a fresh look without harming the wall underneath. For a simple weekend task, consider covering the main wall of your builder-grade bathroom with a harmonious pattern. In addition, consider a living space update by covering one wall with a bizarre graphically patterned wallpaper.


Whether you want to repair your home to prepare it for sale or give your living space some new updates, you don’t have to spend a lot to get big results. There are various ways to update your home without the messy overhaul or huge renovation costs. All these tips can go a long way to renewing your home, spirit, and sense of well-being.