As the number of cars around the world increases, so do car accidents. Statistics show that around 160,000 car accidents occur every year in Canada, and more often than not, they result in vehicle damage.

The windshield is the frontline warrior of your car; consequently, it usually has to bear the brunt of the destruction, whether a deep crack or a minor chip. Regardless of the inflicted damage extent, an individual should get their windshield fixed as soon as possible because it is a considerable safety hazard. 

You shouldn’t drive with impaired visibility, as you put yourself and others at risk of sustaining injuries. No one wants to inconvenience themselves with multiple trips to the auto repair shop, and you don’t have to if you opt for an auto repair service that is efficient and professional. Keep reading to understand how auto glass repairs work and the benefits attached to availing such services.

How Auto Glass Repair Works

Auto glass repair companies or professionals are skilled in replacing and repairing broken windshields and window glass. They inspect the damage sustained by a windshield to assess whether it can be fixed. The glass is removed if it’s beyond repair, otherwise the chips and cracks on it are stabilized so that visibility is restored. Most automotive and glass repair technicians attend high school and then enroll in programs that train them with practical experience and technical instruction on being efficient and careful when handling vehicle repairs. 


There are several benefits of turning to auto repair services when your windshield breaks. Let’s take a look at some of them. 

Saves Money

If you wish to replace your broken windshield completely, you should have an insurance policy that covers the cost. Otherwise, the whole process can take a significant chunk out of your wallet. In contrast, auto glass repair services will be cheaper. You don’t want to neglect minor damage, as this will only worsen the problem. Calling repair services the instant you notice a crack or chip is the way to go.

Longer Windshield Life

A service company employs techniques and methods for fixing chips and cracks that not only effectively fix the damage but also make the affected area and its surroundings more durable than before. In the case of future accidents, your repaired windshield will be able to maintain its glass’s structural integrity and stay safe against damage. Since your windshield glass will last longer, you don’t have to put in the effort, money, and time to replace it in the near future. 

Saves Time

When it comes to replacing a windshield, auto technicians must remove the cracked glass shield in a way that doesn’t damage the body of the car. Additionally, it’s essential to secure the new windshield tightly in place so that it doesn’t budge or incur damage when the vehicle is moving. 

Repairing your vehicle’s windshield glass will be less time-consuming than replacing it altogether. All that auto repair services need to do is to pour windshield resin into the crack and wait for around 15 minutes, which is the time required for the wax to harden and eliminate all traces of the cracks. Additionally, if you avail mobile auto services, they’ll drive up to your location and do the job. You don’t have to spend time driving your car to the shop, which is already dangerous because of the cracked glass windshield.

It’s Convenient

Your windshield is designed according to your car’s model, so it’s possible that your closest auto professional might not have it in the store. In this case, you’ll have to expand your search radius to locate an auto repair vendor with the resources to replace your windshield, and you can avoid this arduous task with proactive maintenance and auto glass repair. Many auto glass technicians and mechanics possess the necessary tools like windshield patches and windshield resin that fix minor cracks and chips and prevent them from becoming wider. 

Avoid Injuries

Strong windshields let airbags deploy correctly if a crash or roll-over occurs. However, if left unattended for too long, your windshield can break, exposing you to shards of sharp glass that can cause serious harm. Small glass fragments can settle into your eye, which is painful and might require surgery. They can also damage the airbags, which can prove life-threatening. While handling windshield repair, experts don protective gear, and in the occurrence of an injury, they have insurance coverage that pays for their medical expenses.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does an auto glass repair company fix your windshield without delays, but it also helps to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills. Repairing the cracks on your vehicle’s windshield allows the surrounding areas of the auto glass to remain untouched and reduces the number of components discarded into junkyards. Since landfills contribute to global warming and the loss of habitat for animals, you’ll be playing your part by reducing the waste you produce. 

Increased Car Value

If you’re considering selling your car in the near future, getting your windshield fixed is recommended if it’s marked with a few cracks or chips. Potential buyers will likely be willing to pay more for your car if the windscreen is in good condition. A repair will earn you more profit at the time of a sale deal than replacing your entire windshield, which costs more. 

Avoid Getting a Ticket

Most drivers fail to realize that driving a vehicle with damaged auto glass can get you a ticket. In many places, driving with a broken windshield is illegal, and the ensuing fine can cause you more financial damage than a windshield replacement. By hiring repair services right away, you can protect yourself against fines and tickets. 


Timely windshield repairs should also be your priority; if you neglect them, you’ll be subject to safety risks and high expenses. Individuals harbor many misconceptions about repairing their windshields, thinking it’ll be too expensive or take too much time to get fixed. In fact, hiring windshield repair services like Van Isle Glass can make your life much easier. They are especially skilled in working with RV glass and get the job done right the first time due to their knowledge about RV glass materials, types, and styles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an auto repair company that can have your car back in good shape in no time.