When it comes to bathrooms, storage seems to be crucial there especially for smaller ones. You always have so many items in your bathroom, such as your make-up kit, beauty products, hairbrushes, tooth brushes, razors, cleaning agents, toilet paper, towels and other bathroom necessities, so storage is paramount in this room.

This is quite a challenge for any bathroom, ranging from large and luxurious down to small ones, which is why you should make use of every corner.

This is why the following 11 tips will help you with this issue, as well as give you advice on how to organize and decorate your bathroom to make it more practical and more comfortable in every aspect.

1. Paint your bathroom with neutral colors

Use neutral colors in your bathroom for a pleasant and calming effect. You can apply different patterns and textures, but also in neutral colors to provide greater depth and creativity in your bathroom.
Paint your bathroom with neutral colors

2. Add some color

Once you paint your bathroom neutral tones, add some color to it with colorful bathroom tiles, towels, rugs and stylish soap dishes to add a personal touch and a feeling of luxury. You can thus make it look like a bathroom of a five-star hotel or a great restaurant in which you can always feel pleasant.

3. Use smaller toilet seat

Try to use a smaller toilet seat to save space in the bathroom. If you cannot change your toilet shell, then try to minimize the number of other floor items, such as wastebaskets, laundry baskets, scales and so forth.

4. Use shower rather than a bathtub

If you bathroom is small, a shower would be a logical solution. If you can afford, add a glass door to your shower, rather than a plastic shower curtain because glass gives the impression of the bathroom being larger.

If your budget does not allow you a glass shower, then choose shower curtain with light colors. If the ceilings of your bathroom are tall, put the shower curtain higher to visually elongate the bathroom.

5. Add shelf above sink

Put a shelf above the sink for the things that you use every day. Although you most likely have a cupboard or a medicine cabinet above your sink, an extra shelf will always come in handy particularly in a small-size bathroom.

6. Use space above toilet

People tend to neglect the space above the toilet seat, but it is an ideal spot for shelves or an additional cupboard where you can store your toiletries.

7. Put narrow cabinet in bathroom

Put narrow cabinet in bathroom
Even a very narrow cabinet, particularly with drawers (like the one on the image below), can be very useful not only to store your beauty products, but also to find them much more easily.

You can tuck this small cabinet next to the toilet seat or anywhere it fits in your tiny bathroom. It
is extremely useful and efficient and does not cost a lot.

8. Use creative storage compartments

Use creative storage compartments
When it comes to a small bathroom space, you have to be creative with your storage. Here are a few storage tips that you may consider using in your bathroom:

a) Hang spice racks on your bathroom wall and put your beauty products there.

b) Use metal racks to put your toiletries directly on them or put plastic storage bins on them for hidden storage for your personal items like on the image below.

c) Hang a toy net organizer on your bathroom ceiling and put your hair and makeup products in it.

d) Hang pocket racks on your bathroom door for more storage place.
e) Put a shelf above the bathroom door for additional storage.

9. Hang towels on bathroom door

If your bathroom is too small for a towel rack, hang your towels on the inside of the bathroom door to save space. As mentioned above, choose colorful towels to enliven your bathroom.

10. Hang electric devices inside bathroom cabinet

Hang your hair dryer, electric shaver, epilator or other larger electric devices inside your bathroom cabinet door for more space and greater convenience.

11. Install pull-out drawers in your bathroom cabinet(s)

Pull-out drawers are usually found in the kitchen, but they can also be used in the bathroom as they do not take much space, but they can hold many items.