A ceiling made of wood panels or planks is especially popular with fans of eco-friendly and natural materials in design. A wooden ceiling is one of the types of universal decor for an apartment and a country house. Wooden ceilings are appropriate for almost all interiors, and at the same time, each wooden ceiling is unique. Natural wood or light false beams and caissons played in a realistic style are not only functional, attractive and aesthetic, but can set the general tone for the interior solution as a whole.

 Advantages and Disadvantages of wooden ceiling

Excellent sound insulation is a big plus for both party lovers in their apartment and owners of noisy neighbors upstairs.A wooden ceiling significantly reduces the room’s height, so this option is not suitable for low old houses and standards.
High thermal insulation properties – relevant for residents of the last floors.Unpainted wood in its natural shade darkens the room (even its light tones), which requires a cautious approach in the design of artificial lighting.
Naturalness and environmental friendliness – an indisputable advantage for families with small children and allergy sufferers.Dark wood ceiling visually narrows the space – Only vast rooms are suitable for this solution.
The ability to beautifully diffused light – due to the natural pattern.
A variety of options – on the market, you will find material from wood species of various properties and colors for every taste and budget.

Types of materials

Wood ceiling structures differ in the materials from which they make. Each option has its own merits and provides a unique visual effect.



The lining is smooth, narrow boards that fit perfectly to each other in size. This material is quite versatile – depending on the types of wood used, it is suitable for rooms for any purpose:

  • Raw materials from pine needles do not tolerate high temperatures; therefore, it is better to use them in living rooms – bedroom, living room, nursery, as well as in the hallway;
  • Raw materials from deciduous trees are moisture and heat resistant – can use it even in the decoration of bathrooms, kitchens, and saunas;
  • There are also analogs of lining made of plastic or MDF – their cost is much lower, but they are less wear-resistant.

The lining lends itself well to staining, making it a good solution for interiors in any style and color scheme. Light colors (white, beige, gray, natural wood color) look great in Scandinavian style, minimalism, and boho; pastel colors are suitable for Provence, and more dramatic black and graphite ones for loft and high-tech style.

Parquet board

Parquet board

Parquet boards are a great option not only for finishing the floor but also for the ceiling. This material is not cheap, but it is durable and looks incredibly impressive. Preserve the natural color of the wood by varnishing the boards – the paint will hide the natural beauty of the parquet. Such a solution is appropriate in the interior in the classic and mid-century style and in-country houses of the colonial style, country, and rustic. Light wood options are also suitable for a modern eco-style with a Scandinavian mood.

Wooden ceiling panels

Wooden ceiling panels

Such material can be presented in two forms – long and narrow boards or large-format squares (like a laminate). They have the same properties – strength, environmental friendliness, durability. The first option is visually indistinguishable from a parquet board, so they are easily interchangeable. The second is a more exciting solution since it allows you to create a unique pattern from squares made in different shades and different types of wood. Like parquet, this solution fits perfectly into the classic interior, mid-century, and eco-style country houses.



Due to the variety of color options, relatively low cost, and ease of installation, laminate flooring will become a versatile option for any interior. It provides smooth and even finishes that work nicely for modern, clean, and functional styles. Laminate panels are easy to work with: you can cut holes for fixtures in them wherever you like.

MDF panels

MDF Panel

MDF panels are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install; moreover, they have high soundproofing and heat-shielding properties. However, they are highly flammable, so it is best not to use them over a stove in the kitchen or over a fireplace. The MDF ceiling can be easily painted in the desired shade or left in the “natural” version – outwardly, it will be almost indistinguishable from natural wooden boards. Like the lining, this option is universal and, depending on the color, is suitable for design in any style – from classics and mid-century (dark wood) to Scandinavian and minimalism (painted light panels).

Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceiling

The coffered ceiling is a volumetric structure of cells formed by beams. The inside of the cell can finish with boards or ordinary plaster. This is a difficult to install and expensive solution, which noticeably “eats up” the room’s height (so that it is not perceptible, a height of at least 3 m is required) and requires a careful approach to lighting planning. However, this solution looks very stylish and original. It is worth trying in a modern loft or classic or rustic country house.

To add depth and expressiveness to space, color the beams and “insides” of the cells with different colors. Light shades under the rays will visually increase the room’s height, while dark ones will add luxury to the interior.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats

Reiki has been a hotly stylish solution for the past few years. Since this finish is not too large, this design does not significantly affect the room’s height, which means it is suitable for standard apartments. Another advantage: parallel lines formed by thin boards visually expand the space if you set them perpendicular to the long side of the room. A ceiling with slats will effectively complement the Scandinavian and modern style and minimalism and loft.

The best ideas for wooden ceilings in the interior

1. Wooden shutters on the ceiling.

 Wooden shutters

2. Hanging wooden hexagons.

 Hanging wooden hexagons

3. Wooden top with rows of lamps.

 Wooden ceiling with rows of lamps

4. Wooden tile ceiling.

 Wooden tile ceiling

5. A sculpted wooden ceiling.

  A sculpted wooden ceiling

6. The dark wood ceiling.

Dark wood ceiling

7. Wooden ceilings blend harmoniously into the interior.

 Wooden ceilings that blend harmoniously into the interior

8. Creative ceiling construction with concealed lighting.

 Creative ceiling construction with concealed lighting

9. Sloped wooden ceiling.

  Sloped wooden ceiling

10. The original wooden top.

 The original wooden top

11. Wooden deck plank ceilings.

 Wooden deck plank ceilings

12. Smooth wooden ceilings.

 Wooden deck plank ceilings

13. Dark wood ceilings.

 Dark wood ceilings

14. A large dark wooden ceiling.

 A large dark wooden ceiling

15. The sculpted wooden ceiling.

 The sculpted wooden ceiling