Choosing the right floor is essential to give your home the look and style you want. Unlike a wall that can always paint, the choice of the floor must be even more careful! Replacing it for a change of mind can become a costly and time-consuming job.

It covers the largest surface area of ​​MQ; unlike a wall painted or modified, the floor covering choice must be even more careful. Once the furniture is in place, changing the floor will not be that easy.

According to UK property quick sale specialists Ready Steady Sell “modern flooring must meet the needs of everyday life, that is, be resistant and easy to clean.” It must meet the needs of everyday life, that is, be resistant and easy to clean. Various types of flooring are available on the market, from porcelain stoneware, parquet, laminate to technical carpets, available in any size and infinite shades of color. Choosing a specific typology depends above all on the intended use of the space is designed.

Most flooring nowadays is waterproofed meaning you can get an excellent style in any way you want,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of UK homebuying firm Property Solvers.

The design and choice of furnishings that will complete the space. Furnishing an environment involves a comprehensive study that must include each domain in equal measure. There must be harmony between materials, colors, furnishings, and accessories. The restyling of any environment starts with the choice of the perfect floor. The material, the color, the texture subsequently influence the selection of furnishings, accessories, which then determine the style of the environment.


How to choose the right floor

The floor is both a functional and stylish element, destined to last for many years inside the house; it plays a fundamental role. For this reason, it must carefully evaluate because it represents the basis for proceeding with the entire furnishing of the rooms.

Using the same floor in all the rooms

Using the same floor in all the rooms

Obtaining an effect of uniformity and consequent expansion of the space. This consideration made above all for private homes, which are now increasingly smaller;

Combining two different coatings

Combining two different coatings

Often in contrast with each other, on a single surface. This “break” gives graphic movement to space, removing the feeling of infinite continuity.

Cover The Floor With Stoneware

Stone Flooring

Stoneware is a resistant and long-lasting type of flooring, which lends itself to imitations of all kinds: wood, stone, or other materials. In the case of porcelain stoneware, the surface can be glazed, unglazed, or polished. Porcelain stoneware with a glazed surface is the simplest to maintain; it is suitable for any room in the house and is the ideal solution to have a versatile floor to be created according to your style, from minimal to the most eccentric. In the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or living room, porcelain stoneware is one of the most popular alternatives both for costs and for the perfect and easily washable surface. Depending on the size of the tiles, you can create different effects: large sizes are ideal for large rooms while small ones are more suitable for bathrooms or kitchens,

Cover The Floor With Parquet

Parquet flooring

Parquet is a timeless classic, and its charm dresses the floors giving warmth and body to the room. Particularly suitable for covering bedrooms and living rooms, its neutral color makes it ideal for any type of furniture, even modern, as an elegant and sophisticated base to give the home an unmistakable style. Warm in winter and cool in summer, parquet offers perfect thermal conductivity and sound insulation. Whether it is oak, solid, natural, or treated, the value of wood translates into higher costs depending on the countless essences that differ in durability, color, and finish. In general, wood treatments are increasingly long-lasting and effective. Thanks to the spread of pre-finished parquet treated and polished directly in the factory, installation times are now significantly reduced.

Cover The Floor With Terracotta

Terracotta Flooring

If you love the rustic style or you need to cover outdoor areas, terracotta is the covering for you. Composed of clay mixed with water, it can be: handmade, industrial, Tuscan, Umbrian, or Lombard, according to the geographical origin of the raw material and the typical natural color. The properties and costs of terracotta depend on the composition of the clay they are made of, the fineness of the grinding, and the amount of water present in the mixture. Depending on your taste, the colors can range from yellow to pink to red, and the appearance can be smooth or grainy.

Cover The Floor With Marble

Marble Flooring

Elegant and high-end, marble gives the floor alight with a timeless charm, but it is a more expensive solution than other materials, not only for the high costs of extraction and transport but also for those necessary for processing and installation, which they require highly specialized and increasingly complex to find labor. If you are a marble lover, you can choose between truly varied shades and colors: from classic whites, pinks, and ochres to bright colors such as malachite green, lapis lazuli blue, or damask red. Finally, the veins make each floor particular and genuinely unique.