The patio is often forgotten as the years go by and you use it less and less. That is not right because not using it means you have space in your home that is wasted. To rectify this, you can give your patio a new look so you can enjoy using it again. Giving your patio a new look does not have to be expensive or time-consuming; you just have to be intentional with the process. Read on to learn a few ways to upgrade your patio setup.

Add Some Art

Art can elevate how a space looks, and you might have experienced this if you have ever added art to your home. You can create an immediate impact in your outdoor space with an art piece. It is important to remember to only source art pieces that are meant for outdoor installation due to weather elements. For the best results, place the art in a shaded area that receives as little direct sunshine as possible. You can also go with a cheaper, temporary option that you will enjoy as long as it lasts. When it comes to adding art to your patio, don’t forget about the flooring. Check out concrete patio resurfacing ideas.

Add Some Shade

Protect yourself from the sun by adding a shade structure to your patio. An umbrella can be a simple, albeit temporary, solution and you can always choose a large or small outdoor umbrella depending on how much space you would like to cover. One with a tilt feature, which allows you to adjust it according to the sun’s position, is also a great option. You can find great outdoor umbrellas with Sydney Shade

If you are looking for something more permanent or that lets you divide your patio into different sections, consider going with a gazebo. A gazebo provides the protection you need from the sun during the day and provides a relaxing outdoor living space at night. Additionally, it provides a sense of privacy and intimacy that a simple shade or umbrella cannot. 

Whether you are looking for materials to build the gazebo yourself or are looking for someone to do it for you, you can talk to a gazebo company to see what they offer, the different designs they have and to tell them exactly what you are looking for and want the gazebo to be. You can also source gazebo materials from a gazebo company like Outdoor Living, and you can also visit their showroom to see the different gazebos they build.

Fill the Open Areas with Potted Plants

You can use your patio to show off some of your favorite plants as well as add color to your outdoor space. Do this by adding some perennial and annual potted plants to the space. The added advantage is that these plants will soften the landscape, especially if you have a lot of hardscape in your outdoors.

To ensure everything looks organized, you can place similar plants in pots of different sizes in the different corners. You can also place the potted plants along the edge of the outdoor living space to demarcate it as such.

As you can see, you can start with elements that make a lot of difference to the patio’s appearance without too much hassle or spending too much money. You can then use these foundations to further spruce up the patio.