Apartments with furniture included have a wide array of benefits, including shorter leases, money efficiency, easier moves, and flexibility.

Furnished apartments are no longer a thing of the past, or something resigned only for traveling businesspeople. More and more renters are asking for apartments with furniture, increasing the demand for this convenient, time- and money-saving option.

Although furnished apartments are built for more those out-of-town employees, it’s worth noting that corporate housing has also seen growth (likely contributing to the surge in popularity of furnished rentals). In 2017, the need for corporate housing grew 13%, totaling an astounding $3.62 billion.

But what’s so great about this option? Wouldn’t someone prefer their own furniture, something they can take with them from place to place, items that are statement-making and evident of their tastes? Many people opt for furnished apartments in Winnipeg as this saves their time and money.

Not necessarily. Here’s why.

1. Short-Term Leases Made That Much Easier

Some people have to move for a short period—three months, six months, nine months—which is stressful enough as it is.

They have to cancel and reinstate electricity, cable, and internet. There’s the filling out a new address form at the post office. They’ve got to pack up their dishes and clothes and make several trips.

For those candidates, apartments with furniture provide that at-home feeling without the added effort of moving heavy items. You can unlock the front door and begin settling in immediately. When it comes time to move again, you’ll take fewer trips and skip a lot of manual labor.

2. Save Time, Save Money, Save the Hassle

Furniture is not cheap. Neither is moving it, storing it at an off-site unit, or repurchasing it after you’ve sold the last items.

Sofas alone can be anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. Moving that sofa takes at least one truck one trip, not including all your other items. Bedframes and mattresses fall within similar numbers.

Save yourself the time of moving heavy-duty furniture, the money from hiring movers or renting a storage unit, and, most importantly, the mere hassle of it all!

3. Ideal Locations for Corporate Travelers

Some of the primary candidates for furnished apartments are employees who take stints out of town. Rather than a company paying for extensive moving costs, they can simply pay short-term rent at a furnished space and allow their employee to feel comfortable right away.

So, whether you’re doing a relocation, an extended stay, an internship, or a short-term work assignment, establishments like those at can provide you the comforts of home without the energy that moving furniture requires.

  1. You Can Still Get Creative

Who says that furnished apartments don’t allow for your personality to shine through?

Get creative in the form of rugs, curtains, lamps, artwork, pillows, you name it! With furnished apartments, there are still plenty of opportunities to make the space your own. Decorate at your leisure, all while having a stable foundation of necessities already at your disposal.

Choose Apartments With Furniture for an Easy Transition

Furnished apartments not only look great (as they’re designed with cohesiveness and style in mind), but they take all the hassle out of the equation.

No more moving your two-hundred-pound couch, disassembling your bed, or hiring a costly moving truck. Simply pack up your belongings and get moving—literally.

By choosing to rent apartments with furniture, you can save on money and time until you’re ready to own a place, at which point you can begin investing in your own interior decor.

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