While there are many advantages to maintaining a lawn such as improved curb appeal for the property and better health for its residents, it can be a challenging task. Not only must you cut the grass regularly at the right time to the right length, but you must add nutrients, get rid of weed, and water the right amount depending on the climate.

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, installing a lawn sprinkler system can make it much easier to maintain a lawn. A good lawn sprinkler system will water your lawn just the right amount so that it neither drowns nor does dries out. With a good lawn sprinkler system, you don’t have to wake up at an inconvenient time to water it either.

However, it can be challenging to find a good contractor to install your system. In the hands of the wrong contractor, not only could you waste your money, but your lawn could be seriously damaged. Repairing a lawn can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Here are a few signs of a good contractor for a lawn sprinkler system:

#1 They Offer Commercial and Residential Services

A good contractor usually offers commercial and residential services. The needs of residential properties can be different than those of a commercial property, and a good contractor is capable of handling either.
They Offer Commercial and Residential Services
For example, EZ Lawn commercial services have helped small plaza frontages, commercial buildings, churches, and condo developments with lawn sprinkler installation and servicing. They also serve a variety of residential properties by tailoring a system in terms of design and needs.

Of course, even the best sprinkler system should be kept in optimal condition. Their maintenance services have helped with a variety of sprinkler systems and setups across the community.

#2 They Are Licensed and Insured

Don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur contractor. Unfortunately, many people are being misled by amateur contractors who are interested in taking advantage of others. Only hire a licensed and insured contractor. Such a contractor will not only do a good job, but their work will be covered in case of mishaps.

#3 They Offer Free Consultations

Be wary of companies that demand payments upfront just to come and assess your property. A company that offers quotes for free is more likely to complete the job without pressuring you financially.

#4 They’re Experienced, Reputable, and Local

They’re Experienced, Reputable, and Local
Installing a sprinkler system can be more complicated than you think. The contractor will need to perform a complete review of your property, set a suitable installation date, dig, lay an underground pipe deep enough for the system to be effective, install and a timer and sprinkler heads, adjust each head, and help you learn how to operate your purchase. The angle of the sun, size of the property, water pressure and more can play a role in the correct installation of the system. Only an experienced and reputable team will have the skills and expertise to get it right.

By hiring a friendly, professional, skilled, experienced, and reputable team, you can get your money’s worth. Whether you need a sprinkler system for a commercial or residential property, always take the time to hire the right contractor.