If you want crystal clear swimming as you have seen in movies, you need to take some cleaning steps. The swimming pool requires more attention, and you should keep it clean regularly. Many people hire pool services to maintain their pools, but if you know the best DIY techniques, you can keep your swimming pool crystal clear. You can learn more at poolcare.info about swimming pool maintenance.

The following blog will learn about the 5 awesome ways to keep the pool crystal clear. Let’s start with a better understanding.

Water Test

Testing water is a common thing you must do with your pool water. You can use the pool test strips and testing kits to check the water in the pool. As you know, the contaminated water becomes the cause of different skin diseases. So, if you swim regularly, you must test your pool water.

With the help of testing kits, you can measure the water’s chlorine and pH levels if you know about any issue with your water. You should add some cleaning chemicals to keep your pool water clean. Cleaning chemicals to fight bacteria and cost-effective DIY methods. You can do this at home on your own. This way, you can save a lot of money you have to spend on pool maintenance services. Pool auto fill takes care of maintaining your desired water level, ensuring a stress free pool experience.

Brush And Vacuum 

Debris and other material can accumulate in your swimming pool. So, you should brush your pool regularly. Many people think that they use only a vacuum to clean the pool. Well, you can’t remove the debris from the pool’s surface with a vacuum, you need to brush first, and then you can use the vacuum because only the brush can remove the stubborn debris from the pool.

If you don’t do it, this debris can become the cause of producing different bacteria and attract the flies. So, they can spoil the water and sometimes can enter your body. So, you can get diseases. You better skim, brush, and vacuum your swimming pool to enjoy healthy swimming. 

Check Filter

To keep the water filters in optimum condition, you should keep a certain amount of pressure inside the tank to function. If specific pressure fluctuates, the filter won’t work properly. It can also damage other machinery used for the pool. 

So, you should buy the filter pressure gauge to monitor and control the pressure inside the filters.

Shock the Pool

Shocking involves adding chlorine and non-chlorine pool chemicals to raise the free-chlorine level in the pool. With the help of shocking the pool, you can destroy the algae and bacteria. You should shock pool once a week if you want crystal clear water.

Use Algaecide 

No doubt, pool shock stops algae growth, but you couldn’t rely only on this method. You have to use an algaecide to prevent pool water.

Algaecide not only kills the algae but also stops its growth. You can find different algaecide chemicals in the market at affordable prices.

To summarize, if you want to keep your swimming pool crystal clear, you should follow the above-mentioned ways.