Upgrading your bathroom isn’t just something you should do if you are looking to improve its functionality. By upgrading your bathroom, you can increase the overall resale value of your home too. However, choosing the various aspects of your bathroom that you want to improve can be confusing. There are an incredible amount of options to choose from, with many choices branching out into different paths you can take in terms of design. While they may seem expensive, not all of these upgrades will require bathroom remodel financing to afford. Keep reading to learn five desirable aspects of an updated bathroom.

1. A Desirable Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette for your bathroom can be tricky. There is a fine balance between having a bland bathroom, and having far too much color. A perfect balance, as traditional as it may seem, is an all-white color palette. White paint, tile, countertops, and vanities are all excellent choices to make white. Should you seek to add some color, you can add it via window treatments and towels. Even some wallpaper or art can add a little bit of color, and accentuate the white color palette.

2. Improved Lighting

Excellent lighting can turn an ordinary bathroom into a beautiful one. Bathrooms tend to have little to no access to natural light. By changing the lighting scheme in your bathroom, you can improve both the functionality and the vibe of the room. You can accomplish this through a dimmer main light, recessed fixtures around your mirror, and some lighting in your shower. Adding some windows to your bathroom will also provide it with the natural light necessary to create a beautiful and natural feel.

3. Tile Patterns

Whether it’s the floor of your shower or the walls of your bathroom, tile patterns in a bathroom will never age. Typically, tiles in white will stay evergreen in terms of fitting in with the latest bathroom design trends. However, there are aspects of colored tiles that can still fit in well with any bathroom. Tile is not only just good for the aesthetic. The texture of a tiled bathroom floor can help keep your feet from slipping, especially when it gets extra soapy and slippery.

4. Marble Countertops

Marble is another aspect of house design that can never go out of style. While it may require some maintenance over the years to keep fresh, marble countertops are always desired. Even faux marble has its appeal, as it is traditionally cheaper than regular marble. 

5. A Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinets offer you more storage space, which you can never have enough of. They also look sleeker than traditional medicine cabinets due to their, well, recessed nature. These cabinets are installed inside of the bathroom wall, saving you space in your bathroom for additional features. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, these cabinets offer you a condensed way to free up more space.