The use of electricity is very important in the home and it serves as a tool for cooking, washing, keeping warm and virtually everything you can think of. Yet it can become dangerous when it is treated without regard for caution. In the U.S alone, the records of fires as a result of electricity are in the hundreds of thousands.

If you are leaving the kids at home, or you have them running around your home most time. Here are some tips to help you ensure that they are safe and do not run into those terrible situations where you are only filled with regret.

Put unused or bare Socket Off

Put unused or bare Socket Off

Most parents and adults might easily fall prey to some of the most seemingly simple acts. One of which is putting the socket off. When you have to use sockets with toasters or other appliances that get you to unplug and keep back the equipment. It is important that you put the switch off. This way no matter what happens, even when the kids place their hands on it, you know they are safe.

Don’t keep your extension cords in the bare or open:

keeping extensions cords in open place can cause a child to fall when they might be running around the house. You can hide your extension behind shelves and chairs, to avoid any kind of incident. If you have to run an extension, try to do it within your eye view and try not to create too much space between the socket and your extension.

Teach them to keep water far:

Safety tips for your kids are very important, as just a little mistake can lead to death. Take out time to teach the kids about safety tips. They should not take water close to electrical outlets, to avoid water spillage on them. We know water is highly conductive of electricity. When they understand the harm, they would be warned and stay far from reach.

Keep appliances far from reach:

Keep appliances far from reach

The little kids running around the house are always looking for a time, when mom is not at home, to carry out little plan that they have been hatching. Try keeping all appliances in overhead cupboards, where they cannot reach for it. They might be planning to try out using an appliance and get hurt along the way.

Try not to do any hazardous electrical DIY:

There is nothing wrong in deciding to patch up a socket gone wrong by yourself or trying to fix an appliance in the quickly when things go wrong. The kids can be taught but not when they are very young. Try to do your Electric DIY projects when they are not around you.

Children learn very fast from observation and the people they love most to observe are their parents and adults in the home.

If you find them around you, simply stop and take them away, they might just be waiting for that time when they would try out that project by themselves when you are not at home or you are probably at the backyard. If you have to do it quickly, you can call a 24/7 emergency electrician. These useful tips should help you protect your kids from the hazardous nature of electricity.