In today’s digital age, we all use the web anytime, anywhere, and for any number of functions. This often leaves us vulnerable to security breaches and identity thefts. Sometimes, certain websites block you from accessing their content. Ever wondered how to get out of such fixes? One way to resolve these issues and secure your connection is using proxy servers. When you use proxy servers, your request flows through the proxy where it is encrypted before reaching its destination. Similarly, the response from the websites is first received by the proxy and then forwarded to you. This process keeps your identity anonymous and private. It also has many other benefits. Let us take a look at these benefits in brief.

Better Security

In the recent years, many businesses have suffered from hacking. Businesses can lose important corporate data, project details, etc. in a security breach. Similarly, individuals may suffer from identity thefts or loss of privacy. Using a strong proxy server may not solve all your problems, but it can certainly make your connection more secure. Proxy servers hide your IP, eliminate cookies, and monitor the internet traffic to give you a safer and better Internet browsing experience.
Better Security

Privacy and Anonymity

One of the main benefits that proxy servers provide is anonymity. Normally when browsing the web, your IP address is available publicly leaving you vulnerable to hacking. Your private data may also be leaked to others. Proxy servers can provide you the privacy you need. Moreover, they hide your IP address to keep you anonymous. You can browse the Internet without revealing your IP or private information.

Access Blocked Resources

Sometimes it may happen that citizens of a certain country are blocked access to websites from another country for different reasons. Plus, certain websites can use your IP to block you from accessing their sensitive data or resources. Proxy servers let you get past this restriction with ease. They can hide or change your IP address to make it suitable for that website. This way you can access the blocked resources from your computer without much hassle.

Save Bandwidth and Improve Speed

Another benefit of using proxy servers is faster speed and better network performance. Many proxy servers have the ability to cache web pages and files that are accessed by multiple users. They can send cached data to clients and free up compressed traffic in a busy network. Not only does it improve speed but can also save you precious bandwidth so that you can surf for a longer time.

Balance Traffic and Control Internet Usage

Balance Traffic and Control Internet Usage
When you don’t want your employees from accessing inappropriate content or insecure sites in the work place, proxy servers can be of big help. They can give you control over which websites network users can visit and which devices can access the network.

Moreover, you can also distribute the requests over a number to balance the traffic.

There are many different types of proxies available today. They can be either free or paid, shared or dedicate private proxies. However, you should do a thorough research and consider all the benefits and drawbacks of using proxies before making a final decision.

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