You can’t have your wedding at home if your home is not in good shape. Follow these tips to get your house in wedding shape.

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is about $33,391.

This is quite expensive for an average couple. And that’s why more and more people are having their weddings at home to save on cost. Apart from the money aspect, saying, “I do” at the comfort of your home is considered more intimate and sentimental.

But in order to have a gorgeous wedding at home, you need to facelift some elements of your home. Remember, it’s not an actual wedding venue.

Here are some top maintenance tips when having a wedding at home:

1. Tend to the Lawn

Tend to the Lawn

If you’re using your backyard as the wedding venue, ensure you give this space a more manicured look. This may mean dragging out the mower and even hiring a professional landscaper.

Ensure you start preparing your lawn early. This will give your landscaper ample time for replanting, reseeding, and sodding the flowers.

Keep in mind that most perennial plants take a hold during the winter. On the other hand, annual plants take a long period to fill out. Thus, ensure you know the appropriate planting times for different flowers so that they’re in full bloom during your big day.

For a summer wedding, consider annual flowers such as the African daisies, Gerbera daisies, and geraniums. Ensure they’re planted after the frosty months. If it’s a spring wedding, go for cool-season flowers like lilies, daffodils, and tulips. However, you need to plant them the autumn before.

2. Revamp Your Interior Space

Since you’ll also have the wedding reception at home, you’ll need to upgrade your interior space to accommodate all your guests.

For example, you can use the living room as your dinner site and the kitchen as a cocktail space. The interior walls may also need a new coat of paint to match the wedding’s theme. It’s recommended to hire a contractor for these renovations for best results.

3. Stock Your Bathrooms

Stock Your Bathrooms

Whether it’s a home wedding or a birthday party, bathrooms are always in high demand whenever you have guests. Thus, ensure they’re well-stocked with nice towels, soaps, air fresheners, bins, and extra toilet paper.

The bathrooms should also sparkle and smell nice all through the day. To achieve this, make sure you have someone clean it up regularly.

4. Have a Backup for the Weather

The rain could suddenly cause havoc to your little backyard wedding. That’s why you need a backup spot where everybody can move to when the rain starts. And since not everyone can be cramped up in your house, consider installing some tents outside.

5. Check Your Property’s Insurance and Permit Checklist

Apart from your homeowner’s coverage, you may also need wedding insurance to be set for the event. And depending on your area, check whether you need any permits for the wedding. This may include parking permits and noise ordinances.

It’ll also be a good idea to let your neighbors know about the wedding and any inconveniences it may cause.

Planning a Wedding at Home is Easy

Planning a Wedding at Home is Easy

By following the tips above, planning a wedding at home will be seamless. Make your big day a memorable one.