The latest statistics show that 29% of adults ages 18-34 are married. Are you joining the ranks of the married soon?

Throwing the biggest party of your life takes some planning ahead. A little research and a thorough checklist go a long way in easing stress.

Is your dream wedding a theme wedding? How about a rustic but elegant farm wedding?

If you’re thinking of saying “I do” in a rustic setting, read on for five rentals you’ll need for the big day.

1. The Farm or Barn

The Farm or Barn
If possible, give yourself a year to find the perfect barn or rustic space. Great spots fill up fast. It’s disappointing finding the perfect place only to find it’s unavailable.

Once you find the perfect location, be aware of the rental hours. A rustic wedding is best when held around sunset. The golden light is ideal for great photographs.

2. Porta Potty

Don’t forget to rent a porta potty! If you’re in a barn in the middle of nowhere, make sure you understand the restroom situation.

Even if there’s a regular restroom, there may not be enough stalls for the number of expected guests. Don’t shy away from the porta-potty option. They’ve come a long way.

Some porta-potties come in portable restroom trailers with flushable toilets and working sinks. Make your restrooms even better with flower arrangements and pretty lighting.

3. Tables, Chairs, and Dinnerware

Tables, Chairs, and Dinnerware
Tables and chairs seem obvious, but not all venues provide them. And you’ll need chairs for more than the sit-down dinner. Rent extra chairs for musicians and add seating arrangements throughout the venue.

Try the chairs before you rent them. Some of your older wedding guests might be sitting for a while, and you want comfortable chairs.

Dinnerware, flatware, barware, linens, and napkins are all must-haves for your big day. If you’re using your favorite uncle’s beautiful red barn, think about what types of dinnerware and linens fit the theme best.

If you’re renting a rustic venue, ask about who they recommend for rentals. Some venues offer basic rentals, but they might not be what you’re looking for.

4. Tents and Heaters

Many rustic weddings take place outside. Tents are essential for most types of weather. Don’t let the beating sun or a little rain spoil your big day.

From easy canopies to enclosed tents, there are lots of options. If you’re expecting a chill in the air as the event progresses, make sure you rent portable heaters as well.

5. Electricity

This is another easily overlooked and essential rental. If this is a rustic farm but not a regular venue, you’ll need generators for electricity. Lights, musicians, and microphones all require power.

A Beautiful Farm Wedding

A farm wedding is romantic and beautiful when done right. From the time of day to the location, don’t leave anything to chance.

Start with the location and check it down to the last detail. Rent porta potties if there aren’t enough facilities.

Don’t forget the tables, chairs, and dinnerware all in complementary colors and patterns. Add in some tents and heaters as plan B for inclement weather. And remember the electricity.

A down-to-earth farm wedding is a beautiful way to start your married life.
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