Are you bringing a new puppy into your life? Preparing for new puppies requires much more than buying a pretty collar and the fluffiest bed you can find. 

One of the most critical steps of getting ready for your furry family member is puppy-proofing your yard. 

Leave room to run

Having a dog without a fenced-in yard is not impossible, but having a fenced-in yard can be a major lifesaver. It’s much easier to let your dog run in the yard and get exercise when you don’t have to monitor their every move. Energetic breeds, like friendly english cream golden retrievers, will need plenty of space to run and safely get out their energy. 

If you don’t have a fence, consider budgeting to have one installed before your pup’s arrival. If you have a fence, have a professional inspection to ensure it’s in good condition. 

Install a fence around inground pools 

Dogs can learn how to swim and may even come to love your inground pool, but they can be a severe hazard for young puppies. While your pup will likely learn to swim eventually, accidents early on can lead to a fear of water, injuries, or even death. 

If you have an inground pool, install a fence around it. Barriers help to section off the pool area from the rest of your yard. They can also be helpful when children are around, making this a multi-purpose upgrade.

Take care of your garden 

If you have a garden in your yard, there are a couple of things to consider concerning your new puppy. 

Firstly, puppies and dogs love to dig. Puppies, in particular, are not yet trained and have no boundaries, which makes it challenging to keep them out of your garden. Consider putting up fencing or wire around your garden to protect it. 

Additionally, research what kind of plants are toxic to dogs. Puppies chew on everything and can become sick if they ingest something poisonous from the garden. 

Treat and maintain the landscaping  

Fleas and ticks are a common concern for pet owners. Having a well-maintained lawn can help minimize hiding spots for these insects. Be sure to trim tree branches and shrubs too. 

Consider treating your landscaping for insects, including these two pet-loving bugs. Only use eco-friendly and pet-friendly treatments with no harmful chemicals or insecticides to keep your puppy safe. 

Remove harmful pests 

The most important part of preparing your yard for a puppy is ensuring a safe environment. If you’re aware of a pest problem in your yard, it’s crucial to take care of it before your new puppy arrives.

Pests like mice, rats, raccoons, and even stray cats can carry dangerous diseases and become aggressive toward a curious creature like a puppy. Call an exterminator if you have one of these issues. 

Final thoughts

An enclosed, safe, well-manicured yard can be an oasis for a new puppy. It gives these energetic animals the freedom to roam, play, and explore while learning obedience skills and new tricks. Consider these tips before adding a puppy to your family.