Do you feel like you’re seeing your space through a whole different lense, lately? Maybe it was easy to ignore your cramped kitchen or shabby looking living room back when you were out working, spending time with friends, and really just using your home for little more than a crash pad? Or is it that being crammed into the same space with your kids and spouse has you reconsidering the need to shuffle things around and give yourself a home office that at least has a door? 

Whatever reason led you to knocking on the door of home renovation, we’re here for you. And before you grab that sledgehammer and start swinging, let’s look at five ways to renovate your living space. That way, if the sledgehammer is in fact the best option, you can at least say you consider other avenues!

1) Accessories and Fixtures

Do you know the feeling that you get after receiving a really excellent haircut? Well, your house may need just a trim and texture (and maybe some highlights). Of course you aren’t dragging your living room into the nearest barber or salon, but sometimes dabbing in a few new accessories and fixtures can act as your house’s very own trip to the spa.

Think about tossing out the chandelier that’s hanging in your living room, and try to imagine replacing it with one that’s caught your eye. Or, you can start simpler and consider removing anything that just grates on your nerves. Maybe there’s a brass lamp in the corner that you’ve never really liked but figured a lamp was just a lamp. Kick that out, and go for something more your style. 

Another thing to pay attention to is clutter. Go around (one room at a time) and grab up all the clutter that you really just don’t like, and then spend some time at a thrift store or online marketplace browsing to see if different styles or items grab your attention. Or, maybe you really don’t like your kitchen cabinets but refurbishing them is out of the question? Search instead for replacement knobs, or if there are no knobs research how to add your own. 

Take a good hard look at the accessories and fixtures room by room and see what changes you may be able to make that will give that area a whole new breath of life.

2) Move and Reuse

This is a step most of us are guilty at forgetting, but can bring huge benefits. If you can pinpoint things around your house that feel like they just don’t work, start thinking about how they may look in a different room. The best way to do this is to start with the room that you’re going to target as your primary focus, and shove all the furniture to the side. 

Couches, tables, beds. Once the items are out of the way, start visualizing that room with a different layout. If you had your sofa up against a wall and two chairs flanking the sides, think about floating your couch in the middle of the room and having the chairs sit across. 

To get ideas, try googling the type of room followed by ‘arrangements’ and see what other people are doing. It’s going to seem funny in your own head because you’ve gotten so used to seeing a room a certain way, but once you start moving things around you may be in love with the result! And don’t be afraid to bring that chair and lamp that don’t work in a guest room out to the living room. Mixing and matching pieces often gives them an entirely new style, and can save your pocket book from a lot of replacement costs! 

3) Color and Style

Since you already have all your furniture out of the way and are ready to rearrange, why not try adding a different type of paint color and style? Wallpaper may need to be removed in this step, but an important part of home renovation is cutting out the things that are making it difficult to bring your space to life. If you have a similar pattern or motif carried through the room, make one of your first steps in home renovation to change up that motif to something new. 

4) Bring in the Pros

There are a lot of reasons to try and work on your own home renovation style, and it can be both fun and rewarding to play with your own space. But if you’re struggling to visualize how to change your area, or if something just doesn’t feel right and you can’t put your finger on what it is, it’s time to hire an interior designer. Not only will they see your space with a whole new set of eyes, but they’re trained to notice things you don’t and figure out what may work and what won’t. Remember, sometimes you just need to back away and leave things to the professionals. 

5) Sledge Hammer, Anyone?

Okay, you’ve decorated, you’ve rearranged, and it’s not what you want. Sometimes we outgrow our space, and it’s time to say yes to a home renovation. Maybe the only answer on how to improve your closed, boxed in feeling living area will be to take out the half-wall in the kitchen and open it all up. Or maybe you just need more master bedroom space, and it’s time to start putting up walls and additions. 

We all spend too much time in our homes to not love where we live, and if you’re ready for a home renovation that can’t be tackled with a DIY pinterest board, make contacting a full house construction company your next step. They’re the pros who will bring you the addition or remodel of your dreams, regardless of if it’s just a closet you can’t stand, or an entire home that needs redone. 

We’re learning to not only live in our homes, but to work, play, socialize, do yoga, cooking classes, and everything else. You deserve to be surrounded in the space that meets your needs, and using the tools above, you’re that much closer to the home of your dreams!