Even when the popular expression tells us, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” we all get extremely excited when we see that “perfect house”!

A pre-purchase home inspection can help 99% of the times to avoid a messy real estate deal. Yet, it comes as a shock, not every home buyer or seller opts for a home inspection.

If you think that you can have a ‘thorough look’ yourself and detect any major problems, you are completely wrong about it. A home inspection is like some sort of insurance, to protect against what might or might not be!

Enlisted below are 6 popular reasons why you should opt for Home Inspection.

It provides an Out for the Buyer

A quality home inspection could potentially give you information about the condition of a home. It can also give you enough reasons to not buy the property.

What about the repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately? Are you willing to take on those extra costs to replace systems nearing their ‘shelf-life’ expiration date?
Handing over the keys
A home inspector in Kitchener can honestly save a lot of money! Whether it is by using the home inspection report to negotiate the final sales price, or whether it is by revealing all the unexpected costs you might face in the near future.

Either way, the wise decision of getting a home inspection done can give you huge amounts of returns on the investment.

Uncover Potential Safety Issues

Buying a property without a proper home inspection is like walking on the road blindfolded. You are moving forward, but you have no clue where you are going to land. Not to forget, the safety concerns.

An important part of the home inspection is to make sure that the home is safe.

Can you be sure that your new home doesn’t have any mold? What about the carbon monoxide of poorly installed home appliances? Radon? Blocked chimney?

No one wants to jeopardize their safety. Precisely that is why a home inspection report can be a useful investment.

The home inspection report will cover all of the above-mentioned concerns, and give an estimate of the cost of tackling the potential problems.

Find Structural Problems

Find Structural Problems
Although we all think that we can have a thorough look at the walls to determine whether anything is worthwhile noting, you must hire a professional to detect any potential red flags as structural issues.

Certain cracks in the door frames, walls, which you saw at the time of mandate signing might actually turn out to be severe structural problems later on.

A quality home inspection can discover all the problems relating to the structure of the home.

Negotiation Tool

There’s no doubt about it: you have a huge amount of leverage with an inspection report. In fact, all the problems in the report can be handled properly by the home inspection and used as a tool to renegotiate the asking price.

However, one must not expect to use the report as an excuse to justify the seller to fix every problem in the house.

Reveal Illegal Additions and Installments

Reveal Illegal Additions and Installments
Most homebuyers might not be able to detect illegal additions or installments. One might be suspicious about the changes that might have been done over the years, but a complete home inspection can reveal whether the garage, rooms, or the basement were constructed without a proper permit.

Peace of Mind

The home buying process is arduous, long, and can sometimes be extremely stressful.

Why add unnecessary stress by purchasing a property that may or may not have structural problems, safety issues, or illegal additions?

All of your worries can simply be taken away by a qualified home inspector!

Don’t you want to feel comfortable in your own house?