In winters, broken heating equipment means enduring a lot of discomforts. To prevent any heater failure, you need to maintain your heating system regularly because while they may provide you comfort, they also put you and your loved ones at risk.

No matter how advanced equipment or systems you may use, they are bound to develop some problems at some point. Imagine the scenario in which you are enjoying a cozy winter’s night, and your heater stopped working in the middle of the night. No one wants to live that painful experience.

Here are the several reasons that will explain to you why your heating system is not working properly:

Lack Of Furnace Maintenance

One of the main reasons why your heater stopped working is the lack of furnace maintenance. Most often, you use a heating system continuously and forget about the cleaning and maintenance part. Sometimes your heating system stops working because it is simply dirty. 

A dirty bowler can be the reason to fail the heat exchanger because it needs cool air to move across and keep it from overheating.

Dirty air filters can limit the airflow and could worsen the already existing issues with wrong duct sizing.

Often, you neglect your burners for a longer period of time. They are going to get dirty and will not operate properly.

Heating Fan Is Not Operating Properly

Sometimes, your heating system fan is running, but still, you have no heat in the house. So firstly, check the settings of your thermostat if your heating system fan is not working properly. Also, ensures that your air filters are not dirty because overly dirty filters can be why your fan is not working. Last but not least, ensure that your circuit breakers are on.

However, the smell could be the product of a dirty air filter or signal of some serious problem. So, if the smell remains for a longer time, shut off your heating system and clean any dust and dirt that has accumulated over the time period. And if the need arises, you can hire a professional company that is an expert in furnace repair Toronto and will replace your air filter. 

Issues With Thermostat Controls

If you are having problems changing the temperature and systems control, the cause of the problem can be the malfunctioning or improper setting of the thermostat. Once you know that your thermostat has a problem, you can try resetting it to the manufacturer setting.

Moreover, most people use digital thermostats that are battery operated. Consider replacing the batteries; it might be possible that your batteries are having issues or are expired. 

Improper Installation Of Ducts

Ductwork plays a crucial role in the efficient heating system. Most of the time, your heater is working perfectly fine, but the problem is that your ductwork is not. Right-sizing and installing the ducts are very important for proper airflow; otherwise, there is a chance that your furnace will short cycle more often or might overheat over time.

Check The Cause Of Furnace Noise

It is natural for your furnace or heat pump to pushed air noise when operating. But the other sounds can be difficult to ignore if they go from moderate to loud. If you are noticing new sounds coming from your heater. In that case, they can be caused by various furnace problems, such as improper attachment of panels in the system, your ignition is not working properly. It generates explosion noises, or your motor bearings are not lubricated.

Dying Heating System

Often you neglect the maintenance of the heating system and don’t maintain it regularly. As a result, you get high energy bills and premature repairs. Also, it might be possible that your heating system is losing its heating power because it is getting old. Generally, heaters begin to fail and produce a lower heat output when they are 10-15 years older. You can observe the early indication when they start to produce uneven heating.  

Mentioned above are some of the reasons that explain why your heating system is not working properly. You can try to prevent these problems by proper yearly maintenance of your system, or in case of the need arise, get the nearest professional services.

Prepare for cozy, relaxed, and safe winters by taking advantage of a clean and sound heating furnace!