A garage can provide protection for your vehicles, additional storage, and improve the value of your property. However, if your garage is not structurally sound or has become outdated it may be time to replace it. An old garage on your property can be easily overlooked. Sometimes it feels like the building has “been there forever,” but are there certain indications that point to the need for replacement? Below are 6 signs that your old garage may require replacement:


A garage on your property that is structurally unsafe can be a dangerous liability. Have the older boards become rotten or even fallen away entirely? Has the roof begun to sag? Does the garage appear to lean to one side or the other or as though it may collapse soon? Has the deterioration gotten so bad you cannot even use it? 

The value of your property can be lowered by a garage that is in poor condition. An unsightly garage can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal.  Potential buyers may question how well the rest of the property is maintained if they see a dilapidated garage. 


Each one of the four seasons can mean mayhem for your garage. Intense snow accumulation may cause damage to or even destroy the roof of your garage. Spring storms have the potential to cause heavy limbs, or even full trees,  to drop onto the garage. A lightning strike may trigger a fire. A variety of events and issues can trigger significant, irreversible damage to your garage. In certain cases, it is possible to obtain insurance money to help with the expense of replacing your damaged garage.


In numerous cases, modern vehicles have basically become too big for older garages. Although various newer vehicles include power-folding mirrors that assist in reducing their width, it may be impossible to squeeze many of today’s vehicles into a garage that is older.

Oftentimes, SUVs and trucks are too tall to fit into an older garage. Even when the vehicle does fit, it might be difficult to open tailgates or passenger doors. 

Any vehicle is a significant investment. It is key to make sure that your garage has adequate clearance and space for parking your vehicle.



In a recent survey, 25% of Americans with 2-car garages said they do not park their vehicles inside them ever. 33% of Americans said that they can park only one car, mostly because of clutter. Americans have an abundance of stuff and, many times, the garage turns into a space where that stuff is stored. 

A brand new, custom-built garage from expert garage builders can provide you with the necessary space that meets yours and your family’s storage needs. No matter if you picture your garage as a workshop, as a perfect spot in which you can park vehicles, or as an added storage space, we work with you to provide a customized garage for you.


Old garages are often difficult to secure, which means your stored valuables or vehicles can be accessed easily and even stolen. We often store expensive outdoor tools, such as lawn mowers and snow blowers in our garages. Older windows and doors are frequently difficult if not impossible to lock, which means your property may be at risk.

It is easy to secure a new garage. Numerous new garages are set up with web-enabled garage door openers, which means you conveniently control garage access right from your smartphone. 


Older garages tend to have spaces, holes, and gaps that many critters and pests see as inviting welcome spaces. Rats and mice or other critters, like opossums or raccoons, might feel that your old garage building could be their ideal home. Bats and birds will make their nesting spot in your garage’s eaves. 

Aside from being undesirable garage-guests, these critters may potentially wreak havoc on your vehicle or other item being stored in your garage.