People in the US spend the most money decorating their living room and kitchen, with the master bedroom coming in a close third. In most homes, the garage is seen as little more than a place to protect one’s car from the elements and to store larger pieces of equipment. What if your garage could be more than that? What if it could double up as a garden shed, poker room, or entrance hall? Because this space is traditionally small and does not require water fixtures, it can be easy to whip in to shape. Below are just a few ideas for those who don’t like being confined by others’ ideas of how their space should be used.
Dreaming Up a Whole New Use for Your Garage
Your garage doesn’t have to house any cars at all, particularly if you have additional space to park your car in your driveway or if you prefer to take public transport. The average garage size is 12 feet wide and 22 feet deep for one car, though 16×24 is another common size that is clearly large enough for you to build everything from your dream den to a sleek looking gym. If you do opt for a complete transformation, play attention to the flooring, windows, and walls. Emulate the sizes of these features as they are found in the type of space you are recreating. For instance, you may wish to transform your garage door into floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors to design a home gym. This is ideal, as exercising while bathing in natural sunlight is far more motivating and appealing than doing so in an artificially lit space.
Transforming the Garage into a Pre-Entrance Hall
Your garage is the perfect place to store furniture for coats and shoes. It can serve both as a home for your cars and a pre-entrance hall if you choose the right furniture. Affix a myriad of storage furniture to the front and side walls. These can range from tall wardrobes to open storage structures with shelves, shorter furniture with a worktop for car-related projects, and even a mirror. It’s always nice to have a final look at yourself before you head off to work or to a social event, after all. Your garage door should bear a design that fits in with the furniture you use, and it should be in tip-top condition, as it will serve as the first introduction to your pre-entrance space. Make sure your chosen company designs and builds doors in a myriad of styles, so they can easily find a door that fits your vision. That’s why reviews like the A1 Garage reviews can come in handy when you’re shortlisting professionals for the job.
Adding a Little Entertainment to the Equation
If your garage is large enough, it can double up as an entertainment space. The garage space can be divided into two, with your cars taking up one ‘row’ and your lounge area taking up the other half. The latter can be embellished with Chesterfield sofas, a pool table, and even a little bar or gourmet coffee and tea area. Think of it as the ideal place in which to enjoy a game of poker or chess while ‘the maddening crowd’ gathers in your home’s interior.
Garages are one of the least decorated spaces in the typical American home. They are often an unsightly mishmash of vehicles, electrical equipment, and cleaning cloths! There is so much you can do to enhance this space, with a little creativity and a small investment. You can either find a complementary use for your garage or decide to park outdoors and dream up the perfect gym, library, or den—a place that you can call your own or invite friends over to enjoy with you.