Sectional doors have a compact, simple, and reliable design. This is a great advantage not only during their operation but also during installation. To understand how to install sectional doors, just read a simple instruction. And you will understand all the key features of the construction.

Many trust the installation of overhead doors to specialists such as But there are also those daredevils who are confident in their abilities. In this article, we will highlight the key points that you should pay attention to when installing an overhead garage door yourself.

Overhead Gate Installation Process

Here are all the steps that you need to take to install an overhead gate:

  1. Preparing the doorway. The floor must be level; the maximum deviations are 5 mm, which can be compensated for by the rubber seal;
  2. Shoulders (distance towards the doorway) should be in the same plane as the lintel. Deviation from the vertical is allowed no more than 10 mm per 1 m; otherwise, there is a risk that the leaf will roll;
  3. Assemble and fix vertical guides in the opening. In the section of the instructions, which indicates how to install an overhead gate, you will find drawings that will help you cope with the task. With a pencil, mark the places of holes for fasteners in the walls and make holes;
  4. Assemble and fix the horizontal guides. Be sure to check the diagonals; the OK deviations do not exceed 5 mm;
  5. Assemble and install the torsion bar. It will be necessary to use the level to make sure that it is installed parallel to the floor. The number of coils of the spring specified in the instructions is wound;
  6. Install the lower part of the sandwich panels. Please note that its edges should extend beyond the opening to the same distance on both sides. On a special fastening of the lower section, we fix the cable with a washer and a cotter pin. Next, adjust the cable tension. It should be tight without sagging;
  7. Install fittings for the gate: a handle, a latch, a lock embedded in the leaf;
  8. Adjust tension. First of all, we securely fasten the bottom brackets to the wall: they will have to withstand quite a lot of weight. Then install the gate section key. Tighten the set screw to secure the drum. Finally, slowly turn the shaft until there is no slacker and fix the springs by tightening the ends of the bolts. If the shaft is split, then when adjusting it is crucial to ensure that the second half is stationary.
  9. Install the garage door latch. It is mounted on horizontal rails on both sides.

Is It Easy/Not Easy?

As you can see, if you understand the instructions, installing an overhead garage door yourself is not difficult. But the installation of automation is a more difficult task. That is why the best choice would still be to turn to specialists who will take care of all the work — from preparing the opening to installing an automatic garage door control system.