Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting time. Finally, you’re getting rid of that gross moldy tiling. Finally, you’re getting a toilet that doesn’t sound like a giant chugging water and choking.

Finally, you’re going to have the option of taking a shower or a bath. Whatever features you’re most excited for, there are several things you need to keep in mind when remodeling your bathroom to make sure you’re making the most of your time, money, and space. The following will explore six tips for renovating your bathroom.

1. Budgeting Comes First

When it comes to working on renovations, your bank account can take a big hit if you’re not careful. Start with a clear awareness of how much you are willing to spend. When making choices, it’s essential to understand that things will cost more than you think they are during any remodeling. You’re going to discover problems under the tiles that need to be addressed or water damage behind the shower that you cannot ignore once you’ve seen it. There will be some antique piping in the walls that needs unique parts ordered in or something else along these lines.

Part of renovating involves rolling with the surprises that pop up. Whatever quote you’ve got for the price of a remodel, add 30% onto it, and you’ll have a better idea of how much the renovation is going to cost you. Another handy tip is to explicitly state your price range when you enter a store or begin a conversation with a contractor, plumber, or interior designer. Everyone involved in the project should know what you’re willing to spend early on. Avoid any salespeople with statements like: “let’s just put price out of our minds for a moment and take a look at….”

You’re not going to be able to enjoy your new bathroom if every time you walk into it, you’re reminded of what you still owe. You’ll end up hating the bathroom. And don’t let anyone talk you into a purchase by claiming it will improve the value of your home. You might be surprised how many renovations don’t earn their money back when it comes time to sell. Do your research and speak to a real estate agent before making decisions based on the increased value. Set a budget and stick to it.

2. Accept That It’s Going To Take Longer Than You Think

Like the above point, part of renovating is realizing that the timeline you’re given for remodeling and repairs is just an estimate. Renovating is full of surprises. Yes, these surprises cost you more money, but they also require more time. Whatever estimate you’re given for time, expect the project to take at least 30% longer. If you’re doing any of the work yourself for the first time, expect it to take 45% longer.

Dedicating a set time or schedule to carry out a renovation project is crucial to supervise all aspects involved. Hence, homeowners tend to do this project when they’re on vacation leave or holiday. In addition, budgeting can also affect the length of time to finish a bathroom renovation project. Homeowners can work with a bathroom renovation Etobicoke specialist or any other reputable contractor to ensure a successful project. 

When choosing a contractor, look for one that can provide projected expenses, duration of completion, and other important details. A good contractor can help design your bathroom to achieve the look you want within your budget and schedule. In this way, you can prepare the right budget to avoid causing delays or disruption.

3. Keep Practicality In Mind

It can be easy to choose the prettiest options when remodeling your bathroom but don’t forget to consider practicality. Ask yourself what it is going to be like to clean the types of surfaces you’re choosing. Ask yourself if the storage available is enough to keep the space looking tidy (especially when the in-laws come over). Pay attention to how you and your family use the bathroom space. If the kids (or the husband… let’s be honest) tend to soak the floor every time they bath or shower, it’s important to pick the right flooring to help protect the surfaces below from water damage. Is where you’ve placed the towel rack easily accessible from where people need to reach for towels? Is the lighting above the mirror ideal for how you spend time in front of the mirror? Some of us want an ego boost with beauty lighting. Some of us want intense lighting for applying pristine makeup application.

Spend a little time before you make choices, really thinking about your needs and the needs of your family members. When shopping around for materials, ask about wear and tear. Some flooring doesn’t mix well with dogs. Some sinks aren’t deep enough to wash your face without hitting your head on the tap. If something is incredibly impractical, no matter how gorgeous it is, it will start to annoy you over time.

4. Avoid Hyper-Trendy Colours And Textures

While the trends look amazing, you can bet that picking anything incredibly “in” will date both your bathroom and you. If something is especially popular, you can bet we’re going to be seeing it a lot for the next few years, and that means there’s a high chance that we’re going to be sick of it in five years’ time. It can be hard to ignore the allure of the trendy homes we see on social media, but you in the future will be happy you didn’t commit wholeheartedly to remaining in this year every time you go to the bathroom.

Trending colors to watch out for next year include earth tones. So, bring back the relaxing ambiance in your bathroom space with greens, browns, and neutrals. Combine these soothing palettes with rough bathroom wall tile textures such as stone or pebble-like textures to achieve the full effect.

5. Read Up A Little On Environmental Psychology

It turns out that the shape, feel, color, texture, and use of the space around us have an intense effect on our moods and wellbeing. Take a moment to learn about color psychology and how the choice of which color to paint the walls can change your mood daily. Most of us go to the bathroom before doing anything else in the morning. This means that it is extra vital you get the vibe right so you can start your day in a good mood. Yeah, it turns out that grey that everyone loves right now isn’t such a good color to surrounds ourselves with.

If you want something unorthodox, then you can choose bright colors to make your bathroom livelier. What could be better than waking up in the morning and getting inspired by your colorful bathroom fixtures and decors, energizing your mind and body? Feel free to explore different bathroom fixture options, such as installing a colorful shower glass divider. 

6. Think About Lighting

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of your space. Don’t just think about artificial lighting, but read up a little about natural lighting as the studies might surprise you. Bathrooms often have smaller windows or tinted windows, meaning that natural lighting is minimized in these spaces. If you can place a mirror opposite the window, you’ll be given lots more natural lighting. This has been proven to boost mood, improve vitamin D levels, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve sleep and hormone cycles.

With the above six tips, you’re well on your way to making the most of your bathroom renovation. As with any home repair or remodeling project, always seek out a professional’s help if there are tasks that you feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing. Nothing is worth the risking of your safety.