Since the global pandemic started in 2020, more people than ever are now working from home. As such, the need for a home office has escalated in the past few years. Not only did the pandemic impact our lives personally but also professionally, with businesses shifting the way they operated. The new requirement for employees to work remotely or on a hybrid basis is still very much in force today.

If you’re now working from home for the majority of the week, you may be looking to create a comfortable and productive office in your home. If you require some inspiration, here are some top tips to bear in mind.

Select the right location

Where you choose to work is fundamental when creating a home office. The first stage would be to choose a location that allows you to be your most productive and isn’t going to cause any disruptions. Therefore, steer clear of communal areas such as the kitchen or dining room where you’re less likely to get peace and quiet. 

You may wish to covert a spare room, garage, or loft—or if you have space in your garden, you may even consider installing a summer house with an electric hook-up which better enables you to separate your work and home life and feel closer to nature.

Install good lighting

It’s very easy to overlook the importance of good lighting in the home, but while working, a poorly lit room can dramatically impact your productivity and motivation. If possible, aim to welcome as much natural light into the room as possible. Natural light helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which enables us to focus and stay on task. Without it, you’re likely to feel sluggish, tired, and unmotivated

Additionally, ensure your laptop or PC screen isn’t too dull or too vivid as it can cause eyestrain. Keep in mind that the brightness of the screen should only be a fraction lighter than any artificial lighting in the room. 

Invite cozy furnishings into the room

It is recommended to take at least a 5-to-10-minute break each hour from the computer screen to reduce headaches and eyestrain. In this instance, you may choose to get outdoors for some fresh air or simply close your eyes and relax your mind. A comfy bean bag chair will make a great addition to any home office—they’re comfortable and are also a great space-saving method as opposed to an armchair or couch. You can check out a selection of comfy bean bag chairs at

Add indoor plants

You may have heard of the scientific benefits of adding plants to your home décor. Not only do they look visually appealing, but research shows that they increase productivity by 15%. Additionally, they can keep our stress levels low and help us feel much more in control during the working day. Some of the most common and easy-to-care-for indoor plants include snake plants, devil’s ivy, spider plants, and aloe vera plants.