The coronavirus pandemic has created more chaos among people due to the arrival of its variants, and it’s not quitting anyways. It has led the office goers to work from their homes. Additionally, the effectiveness of working in an office is much more comparatively. The work performed through the house is a time-consuming process, and for this sometimes, we need to stretch the working hours as well. 

However, are you functioning at home with many disturbances and disruptions? It’s pretty usual to handle numerous things at the same time. There might be a buzz as your parents, kids, and relatives are around you. You might not focus on your job and get frustrated and discouraged. It may even have the wrong impression from bosses and colleagues. 

Don’t panic! Most of us have confronted such situations. I will be helping you with some thoughts for setting up your office inside your house with this mindful article. 

  1. Workstation Setup

A workstation setup has to be unique, with all sorts of equipment and devices essential for accomplishing your office task. I think the work from home phenomenon will be valid for the long term. Hence, you must create a safe work set up at your home to concentrate more on your position and stay away from house mess. 

Firstly, there must be enough space around your bedroom corner where you can adjust your laptops or computer, keyboard, mouse, wire connections in one place. The best thing will be to push a desk back on the wall once the work gets completed. Also, Grab an office chair that fits into your small desk, it’s another plus on saving space. The important thing is creating a door around your workstation to avoid upsets.

Living in a small room can be a very challenging job for you. But, don’t worry anymore. You can reinstate your storeroom, laundry room, or garden shed and develop it into a perfect home office. And I tete-a-tete think that this must be an excellent idea!

A small space in your home should not stress you. There’s always a workaround, but you just need to change your mindset about it.  Find a neat space, transform it with everything you need, and add a pot of succulents to liven up the space and relax you simultaneously.

  1. Ergonomics

After deciding on a small room for your workstation to set up, let’s talk about Ergonomics.

Several traditional chairs are bad for prolonged working hours, but buying an ergonomic chair can be genuinely a great idea as you can modify it according to the height of your desk. Your knees and flat feet should form an angle of ninety degrees. 

You need to be very careful about selecting the best office chair for your home office as choosing the wrong one could spell back pains and stressful work hours. Check out furniture like Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. This five-star rated office chair with graphite frames and tension control can be easily adjusted so that you can have a comfortable time working throughout the day. The chair is designed with lumbar support in mind and will help ensure you keep the right posture while you work.

Additionally, the mouse and keyboard must be at the same height, and the monitor should be precisely in front of you. Plus, the monitor should be glared to prevent pressure on your eyes. 

All the pieces of equipment required for the tasks must be within reach so that you can take any of the necessary paper or envelopes easily. It will make you healthy and stay fit. This way, you can grow and perform better in your company.

  1. Proper lighting 

Working in a dull light can make you tired sometimes and may not help you focus. I will urge you to use a fixture of proper lighting around your workstation to avoid feeling sluggish. The lighting should go above the ceiling and not directly next to your laptop. 

Ensure to adjust the brightness level of your computer or laptop, and it should not be too bright and not too dull. 

Placing the work setup around windows is a counted benefit; you can feel nature while working. Moreover, you will feel more refreshed by natural air and light. 

Properly installed lights will be excellent for your eyes and can also give you the energy you need to get the work done. Poor illumination will only distract you. Thus, there are lights that you can dim and adjust as needed

  1. Good connectivity

Before setting up the workstation, you must research which wired connection provides high-speed internet connectivity. The internet’s minimum speed is 50mbps, which must be fluctuating due to more links. 

The best type of connectivity is ethernet or wired cable that offers intense speed to complete your task via audio call or video call. Hence, ensure a connection speed of more than 100mbps if you have a wired connection.

It would be great to also have a backup connection in case your main connectivity line suffers a problem. This way, your work won’t get derailed.

  1. Separate your area

I had already asked to construct a door or set up a workstation in your bedroom so that the kids or relatives cannot reach you at work time. 

  1. Be Organised

Always keep things organized and readily available next to you. You can make a horizontal shelf next to your setup and save the files straight there without standing. But, we recommend you to have a walk of around 10 to 20 minutes more often to stay refreshed. 


We know that this isn’t easy, but you can surely make things work better for your future by adhering to the above tips. 

Living a new normal life is a must nowadays; therefore, adjusting to such situations is only a perfect choice. Just go for all the tips and make your work-life more interesting to grow quicker.