Perth residents who own their own homes are always looking for ways to beautify and enhance their properties. One of the best ways to increase home value and appearance is by adding window shutters.

Window shutters, whether they are installed by mounting them on the inside of the home or on the outside exterior, really dress up an otherwise plain-looking abode.

The Big Decision

The choice of inside or outside mount is generally a matter of personal preference. Some like to retain the exterior appearance, and others have a fear of damaging the exterior with the installation.

Others simply prefer the more elegant appearance of inside-mounted shutters. Occasionally, the type of exterior material makes inside mount the best option.
The Big Decision
The following safety reminders are for every shutter installer, whether they prefer an inside or an outside mount. Keep these helpful suggestions in mind as you tackle your window shutter project.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

It makes good safety sense not to wear any loose or excessively baggy clothing when you are involved in physically-demanding work.

Loose clothing can easily get caught up in a power tool or in between the shutter and the attempts to safely handle it. Tuck in shirts and roll up sleeves so that your hands and bodily movements are not encumbered while working.

Wear Protective Shoes

Avoid open-toed footwear when installing these shutters. Ever dropped a heavy, sharp object on your foot while working?

The results can cost more than the shutters. Wear protective shoes. Steel-toed work shoes are even better if you are drop-prone.

If you have long hair, either braid it, pin it back, or wear a hat or cap with your hair tucked inside it.

Eye Wear

Always wear approved eye protection when you are using power tools and installing or removing heavy objects like shutters. Screws, brackets and other assembly pieces can fly off unexpectedly and cause serious eye injury to you or others.
Eye Wear

Proper Use of Tools

Gather and organize your tools before beginning to actually handle and install your shutters. Place them within easy reach.

By doing so, you are not left stretching for a tool while trying to hold a shutter in place at the same time. Such an awkward movement is an open invitation for either injury or damaging a shutter you are trying to install.

Battery-powered or Extension Cord Tools

If you are using battery-powered tools, make sure they are fully charged before starting. If you are using tools that require power cords and electrical outlets, make a point to work as near to the outlet you can. Stringing electrical cords across a room or for greater distances makes them more difficult to work with.

Use the tools in accordance with the maker’s instructions, and only for the job for which they are designed. Make sure all tools are completely turned off and laid out of the way so the immediate work area does not become cluttered.

Safe Handling

Handle the shutters carefully and in a way that does not put undue stress on any corner or the slats inside the frame of the shutter. Handle each shutter one at a time and use both hands.

Avoid the impulse to try to stack multiple shutters. This puts inordinate tension on the bottom shutter.

Ladder Placement

Shutter installation, whether from the inside or outside, is a prime opportunity for a ladder accident.

Set your ladder so it is not directly in front of the window. Glass and ladders are a potentially dangerous combination.
Ladder Placement
Place the ladder to the side of the window aligned with the frame of it. Give the ladder a solid place to contact if you lose balance.

Work from each side of the window and not directly in front of it. If you must work from the middle of the window, do so with the ladder positioned at an angle that will cause it to fall either beside the window or away from it.

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These safety tips can make your window shutter installation much more enjoyable and drastically reduce the potential for injury. We offer this helpful article with that aim in mind for homeowners in Perth and surrounding areas. G’day.