You’re bound to work with an emergency plumber at some point in your life. Your home’s plumbing system is an expensive and important investment, and having one that’s damaged or malfunctioning can cause inconvenience and stress to the people in your home. It’ll be challenging for anyone to be productive if the house doesn’t have a working plumbing system. 

Knowing when to contact an emergency local plumber is important because this will prevent plumbing problems from getting worse, and allow you to save money on repairs. The sooner these plumbing problems are fixed, the more convenient it’ll be for you and your entire family. 

If you notice any of the signs listed below, make sure to call an emergency plumber right away:

1. Low Water Pressure

The first sign that you need an emergency plumber is if your water pressure suddenly drops. This problem can cause a lot of inconvenience because having low water pressure at home will make it challenging for anyone to take a shower, wash the car, or even clean the dishes.

Low water pressure can be caused by many different things, like the water meter valve isn’t open all the way, the pressure regulator is failing, or your pipes are clogged. Regardless, you should hire an emergency plumber right away so they can determine the cause of the problem and repair your home’s low water pressure right away.

2. Smelly Water

The second sign you need an emergency plumber is if you notice that there’s a strange odor coming from your faucet. When a faucet smells, it’s often caused by a clogged drain trap. This type of trap must be cleaned in order to stop the smell. It’s also possible that a piece of debris, such as hair, soap, or a crumb of food, has gotten lodged inside, causing the water to smell bad.

To determine the best way to clean the trap, call a professional plumber who can fix this plumbing problem right away. Aside from being inconvenient, having smelly water at home can eventually take a toll on your family’s health.

3. Pipes Bursting

Another common sign that you need an emergency plumber is if your pipes burst, especially if they’re a part of the house water system that you depend on for your water supply. If the pipes burst, it can cause severe flooding, damage to your home, and, possibly, permanent damage around your property.

In order to protect your family, home, and belongings, it’s important that you call an emergency plumber before the damage to your home and possessions can be much worse than it already is. If your plumbing has burst, your best bet is to call a plumber and schedule an appointment with an emergency plumbing company in your area. Most homeowners experience problems with their pipes every once in a while, and hiring an emergency plumber right away can prevent these problems from causing more damage.

4. Clogged Sewer Line

If you have a clogged sewer line at home, it’s always best if you hire an emergency plumber to help you out. This is meant to carry out the water that your home uses from the plumbing system. If it gets clogged up, then, the water will not be able to move smoothly through the pipes. This can lead to many other plumbing problems that are more expensive and time consuming to repair.

When you notice a clogged sewer line at home, call an emergency plumber who’ll be able to clear the drain of any blockage. Calling them right away will prevent the problem from affecting other parts of your home’s plumbing system.

5. Murky Water

Another sign you need an emergency plumber is if you notice that the water in the sink or faucet is cloudy. This means that there’s some type of substance in your pipes, and it’s causing the water to turn cloudy and murky.

If you want to prevent such a situation from worsening, you’ll need to contact the professionals in order to ensure that the problem is taken care of as soon as possible. When you hire an emergency plumber, you’ll get all the help you need and save yourself the trouble of repairing the plumbing problem by yourself.

6. Leaking Pipes

If there’s water leaking from your pipes, then, you definitely have a problem. Even if the leak is small, it can cause a big problem if it’s not fixed right away. Leaking pipes can weaken the structure of your home and even cause accidents to the people living inside the house. Leaking pipes can also create moisture within your home’s structure and attract pests to thrive and multiply.

One way people fix leaks is by filling the cracks or holes in the pipes. They use cement to fill the gaps, but this may leave behind some damage in the area. Attempting to fix leaking pipes with DIY solutions can only lead to more harm than good.

Avoid taking chances by hiring an emergency plumber the moment you notice any leaking pipes. Regardless of how small the leaks are, it’s best if you let the professionals fix the problem for you.

7. Sink Drains Too Slow

Another sign that you need to call an emergency plumber is if the sink drains very slowly or completely stops draining. This plumbing problem can be very stressful as you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes waiting for your sink to drain before you can move on to another task. This can be very inconvenient when you’re preparing meals and washing ingredients.

An emergency plumber has years of experience in this area of plumbing, so you can be sure that they know exactly how to clean the drain and ensure that it’ll work properly again.

Choose Carefully

Emergency plumbers are common today, which means that you can find many options, regardless of where you’re living. Homeowners who live in big cities or quaint neighborhoods can easily find emergency plumbers. 

If this is your first time to hire an emergency plumber, ask recommendations from friends and family, and check online reviews as well. You should only hire an emergency plumber who’s trained, licensed, and insured for the job.