Decorating a small bedroom is easier than designing your tiny kitchen. Don’t let a limited kitchen space limit your creativity. Even a small area can have a significant impact on the right combination of decor. Here are seven inspiring decorating ideas to maximize your kitchen’s efficiency without giving up on the design.

1. Play with colors

The right color can give the illusion of a more extensive space. Avoid using dark hues and choose light colors instead. Bright paint on your walls, a white countertop, and bright decors are the tricks to make your kitchen space appear bigger.

2. Choose the right lighting

Just like your wall color, lighting can also make a difference to your limited kitchen space. Filling the room with natural light will make even a small area look spacious and inviting. Opt for chandeliers or pendants instead of the conventional light bulb. Get the most of the latest designs from SC Home furniture store in Farmingdale, NY. You can also lighten your kitchen working space with under cabinet lighting. This additional lighting will not only make your kitchen brighter and spacious but also make your cooking routine easier.
Choose the right lighting

3. Glossy finishes for your kitchen surfaces

With the right lighting, a glossy surface finish will not only give your kitchen an air of sophistication but also will amplify your natural and artificial light. A glossy finish will work as a mirror and will surely make your kitchen area appear more spacious.

4. Go vertical

If you can’t go horizontal due to limited space, go vertical. Make the most of your kitchen space by incorporating floor-to-ceiling storage shelves. Tall shelves will give the impression of added height and larger space. Be creative and add a rolling ladder for those out of reach areas.

5. Multitask your kitchen furniture

Stay organized, keep clutter at bay and enjoy a spacious kitchen by multitasking your furniture. Your kitchen islands can double as storage spaces for big pots and other cutleries. Choose benchtops that can work double time not only as a food preparation surface but also with a concealed chopping board. Other cleverly disguised benchtop accessories you can include are knife block, condiments organizer or a pull-out table for casual eats. Go check out SC Home furniture store in Farmingdale, NY for multipurpose furniture with top notch designs.
Multitask your kitchen furniture

6. Banish clutter

A clean, uncluttered and minimal furnishing is a perfect look for every small space including your tiny kitchen. If you have an open-shelving, make sure that your items are neat and organized. This way, your items won’t appear as an overbearing clutter but an organized décor. If you can, limit the number of accessories in your kitchen to avoid that cluttered feeling.

7. Downsize your kitchen appliances

A simple trick to give more space and avoid that cramped feeling to your kitchen is by downsizing. A small stove, microwave or refrigerator will take up little space and would make a world of difference to your tiny kitchen.


These are just a few of the many decorating tips for your tiny kitchen. Reading through home design magazines or blogs will give you more ideas you can experiment with, from your bedroom to your kitchen area.

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Stephanie Cohen – A native of New York, Stephanie Cohen has lived Interior Design for most of her adult life. After graduating from the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design, Stephanie embarked on a career in residential and commercial design. A world traveller, Stephanie has drawn inspiration and influence from a diverse group of cultures and countries. Her style has been described as clean with an opulent flair. Instagram, Facebook , Pinterest