Even if you love your job, everyone needs a reprieve from the day-to-day grind from time to time. With an escape logged in your calendar, you’ll be able to recalibrate, rediscover your next steps, and enjoy a good outing full of mindful adventure.

There is no lack of exciting experiences out there to try. If you’ve been dreaming of escaping off on an adventure, these activities may have made their way onto your bucket list:

  • Swimming in freshwater bodies
  • Exploring coastline with surfboards
  • Tree climbing
  • Survivalist camping 

Apart from being fun and adventurous, survivalist camping has multiple benefits, like acquiring survival skills, connecting with nature, and building self-reliance.

Survivalist campers should stock up basic supplies and equipment from retailers like Self Reliance Outfitters. These experts have the gear you’ll need, like a compass, fire starter, sleeping bag, flashlight, hunting knife, waterproof shoes, and first aid kit. They also attend training to learn CPR Toronto in case of emergencies.

With your backpack stocked and ready to go, here are seven sure signs that you’re hungry for your next adventure. 

You keep checking flights to different destinations

If you keep checking flights online throughout the day, even while you’re working, it’s a sign that you need to travel. You can turn your thoughts into reality by booking a flight online to go on your next trip.

You are constantly reading travel blogs

When you can’t help frequently reading travel blogs looking for new ideas and inspiration, it’s a clear sign you have to go for your next adventure. Additionally, when you’re on social media and see social influencers posting pictures of themselves having fun, and you get a feeling that you need to experience the same, it’s time to step out of your daily routine.

You’re feeling lethargic

After winter, you may have low enthusiasm and energy due to the prolonged period of your body hibernating under several layers of warm clothes. If you show these signs, planning your next adventure could help reinvigorate your senses after a long winter. 

You’re becoming less productive at work

When you’re exhausted by the daily routine of waking up and going to work, you need a break to recharge. This exhaustion can affect the level of your productivity, so it would be best to travel to revive your energy levels. You also need to re-strategize or take a break if you can’t concentrate better while working.

After experiencing a significant loss

Experiencing a heartbreaking loss either in the family or at work can be detrimental to your health. It might be best to go on an adventure to take some time to reflect and evaluate your next steps in life and grief.

You can’t stop talking about your previous adventures

If you keep telling your friends and colleagues how exciting a trip abroad was, then it’s time for your next adventure. Experiencing frequent thoughts of new adventurous places signifies that you’re in the mood for your next adventure.

You are constantly feeling uneasy and cranky

Sometimes you feel anxious or restless, or you get easily irritated by everyone around you. This feeling of restlessness can mean you have had enough, and you need a break. An adventurous trip can help you return to your true self. 

Parting shot

Nature rejuvenates your soul and reduces stress. If you experience any of the mentioned signs, it might be time to hang up your work clothes and cash in some of your PTO. Don’t know where to start yet? You can look at travel-related blogs for inspiration that’s sure to send you running for the airport.