Having fresh clothes in your closet and drawers makes all the difference when you are trying to put together an outfit at the start of the day. Nothing can set your day back like finding your favorite shirt but realizing that it has a stain from last week’s lunch. In order to keep your clothes fresh and clean, you should implement certain routines into your daily housekeeping and washing methods. If you prioritize maintaining your wardrobe fresh and clean, then your clothes can last much longer than you had anticipated.

1.Use Dryer Sheets

If you store your underwear and t-shirts in drawers, then it is inevitable that they will lose their fresh scent. Between wash and wear, they will not smell as new as they could. In order to maintain that fresh laundry smell, take some dryer sheets and tuck them into the corners of your drawers. The scent of the dryer sheets will fill up your drawers, allowing the scent to rub off of your clothes as well.
Use Dryer Sheets

2.Place Potpourri in Your Drawers

As an alternative to dryer sheets, you can place potpourri in your drawers. This scent will help you keep your clothes smelling fresh instead of musty. Think about it. If a room has no windows, then it will start to eventually smell stuffy. If your drawers are shut, then your clothes will experience the same fate as a room with no windows. Placing other scents in your drawers will help your clothes fight off an unwanted stuffy smell.

3. Use Day 2 Dry Wash and Essential Oils

The fresher your laundry is, the longer it will stay fresh in your drawer or closet. Here are tips to help your clothes stay smelling pleasantly fresh and super clean:

  • Apply some Day 2 Dry Wash on your clothes and wait for 15 minutes. This trick will allow you to wear your clothes for two days in a row if you would like to.
  • Add approximately up to twenty drops of a classic essential oil to your wash during the last rinse cycle.
  • Place a few drops of an essential oil on a piece of cloth and add it with your clothes when you place all of the items into the dryer.

4. Remove Your Clothes

Remove Your Clothes
Remove your clothes from the washing machine once the cycle is over, allowing your clothes to maintain their “just been washed” smell. If you allow the clothes to remain in the washing machine for an extended period, then they will start to smell of damp.

5. Hang Your Clothes Outside

If you live in a house and have an outdoor line, hang your clothes out during good weather so they can get fresh air.

6. Other Tips for Keeping Your Clothes Fresh

People often pack their summer clothes away during the winter, or they store different clothing items in various locations throughout the year. To maintain these storage methods, please adhere to the following tips:

  • If you store your clothes in plastic bins during different seasons, try keeping them fresh by adding placing a tissue paper sprayed with a sweet smelling eau de toilette or dapped with an essential oil.
  • Be sure to always fold your sweaters instead of hanging them in your closet. By being folded, they will retain their elasticity and scent, allowing them to stay fresher longer.
  • Use coffee grounds to absorb bad smells. If you place a small bowl of them in your closet, you will be able to keep musty smells away for good.
  • Use a trustworthy company for commercial laundry and warewashing, such as Richard Jay @ https://www.richardjay.com.au/ if you are short on time and would like your clothes to be taken care of with the utmost quality.

    7. Fresh Air

Fresh Air
Always keep your windows open for at least a few hours per day so that fresh air comes in. Also, keep your closet well-ventilated to avoid the build-up of stuffy smells that could accumulate.

Even though everyone loves the smell of clothes straight out of the dryer, not everyone knows how to maintain that fresh, new scent after that first day. If you follow the tips outlined above and invest in purchasing small items that will make all the difference, then you will be one step ahead of the game. By caring for your clothes, you will not only maintain their freshness, you will be investing in their long-term wear.