With cold weather and pumpkins popping in the stores, we know the spooky season is around the corner. No matter how old you are or how many times you have celebrated Halloween, the excitement every year is unreal. After all, this holiday never gets old. Children get to dress up in different spooky costumes and go-trick-or-treating. At the same time, parents get a chance to sip some Halloween cocktails and hang out with friends. 

The Halloween sugar rush, parties, and costumes are all fun and exciting. But if you want to get into the Halloween spirit this year, start decorating your house. From an over-the-top haunted house set up, fake blood, spider webs, to spooky pumpkins, nothing is off-limits in the spooky season. You can even decorate your yard by staging some skeletons and wreaths all around to give Halloween feels. Remember to begin with decorations in late September and make your house look picture-worthy. 

However, if you don’t have any unique or creative ideas, let us help you get started. Here we are highlighting eight décor tips to prepare your house for the spooky season. 

1. Get Crafty with Windows

People believe windows are the eyes to your house, giving a glimpse of what’s inside. So, why not make them look like eyes this Halloween? Perhaps, you can paint owl’s eyes on the windows to give ghostly feels to people who pass by the house. Similarly, you can hang different cutouts of bats or spiders on the window. In addition, place a couple of brooms outside the window to complete the look. Before you finalize this, make sure the windows are in good shape without any cracks or scratches. If they aren’t in good condition, the décor will not look alluring. And so, getting them replaced is a better idea. A viable option is to find window replacement experts online and replace your windows. The new windows will ensure the décor looks attractive and ghostly. 

2. Hang Spooky Lanterns

Every year, we see a lot of paper lanterns hanging on the trees and inside the houses. Well, it is time to upgrade these lanterns with some paint, gauze, studs, and stickers. You can glue some spooky stickers or light up the inner artist in you and paint the lanterns. Maybe, you can create a skull on the lanterns for a little Halloween Twist. After all, no one would be expecting to see skulls hanging from the ceiling. Also, use dim lighting in the house to ensure the heads are visible enough. 

3. Create a Spider Web Wreath

Without a spooky wreath, Halloween decoration seems incomplete. Hence, create a spider web wreath with some cracked eggs. You can even attach some Styrofoam balls to the wreath to make it look natural. Also, if you can get some fake spider web, wrap it around the eggs to complete the wreath. Apart from spiders, you can create a skeleton hand wreath by using a plastic skeleton. Use a ribbon to hang it from the front door. It would be an incredible surprise for people coming to your house. 

4. Turn Your Garage into a Haunted House

Undoubtedly, creating a haunted house seems like a time-consuming and costly thing, but it’s the other way around. You only have to make a few amendments, and your haunted house will be ready. Firstly, dim the lights to evoke a ghostly ambiance in the garage. You have to tie the lights to a small control system so that you can turn them on and off throughout the night. Second, place a couple of skeletons or hire stooges who can act like spooky ghosts. It would be super entertaining for the guests, ensuring they have a memorable Halloween party. 

5. Stage Skeletons

A spooky Halloween skeleton display can add bone-chilling excitement to your entire décor. Therefore, stage a few skeletons in different corners of the house. If you are throwing an outdoor party, place a few broken bones from the porch to the rooftop. It would surprise the guests while acting as a ghostly photo spot. You can even set a few skeletons on the sofas, bookshelves, or behind the entrance door. Likewise, you can create a Halloween hostess by staging a skeleton. You have to place a tray with candies on the skeleton’s hand and invite children for some treats and surprises. 

6. Use Fake Spider Webs

The fake spider webs can change the look of your entire house. You can hang it unevenly from the ceilings, windows, kitchen cabinets, or bookcases. However, ensure the web is enormous enough to hang down so that people have to walk through it every time. Besides this, you can also hang the web in the staple areas. While attaching it from the ceiling, place some of it on your chandelier for more spooky feels. You can even pick the color of the web; hence, get one that aligns with your décor theme. 

7. Create a Spooky Staircase

Surprisingly, there are many different things you can do with the staircase to make it look spooky. With a few black papers, fake skulls, and pumpkins, you can create a dramatic yet haunted staircase. You have to cut out a few spiders and bats from the black paper and stick them on the wall next to the stairs. Next up, display the pumpkins and skull on the stair’s newel post. If you want to give more ghostly feels, use fake blood around and add a killer element to your staircase. Perhaps, you can leave some bloodstains, footprints, or write something from blood. 

8. Hang Bats on the Chandelier

Most people don’t want to experiment with new things inside their homes. If you are one of them, keep the décor spooky yet effortless. You can use black cardboard paper to cut out a couple of bats and hang them on your chandelier. A few bats hanging around the chandelier will make the place look dark and frightening. You can even display the bats in other areas, such as cabinets, bookshelves, or on the trees’ branches. Or, you can cut out spiders or bowls from the same black paper to get more variety for the spooky décor. 

Final Words

Believe it or not, decorating for the spooky season is always exciting. People look for new and unique ways to frighten their friends while children develop new techniques to trick adults. To add more fun to the occasion, decorating the house could be a perfect idea. You can place some wreaths, stage skeletons, or use fake spider webs. Likewise, you can even create a haunted house in the garage to add more fun and excitement to Halloween.