A small room should not feel claustrophobic. There are many tried and trusted hacks on taking advantage of every inch of a room and creating an illusion of space. We have compiled some of the best ones for you in this article. Check out here some of the best simple living room ideas.

Minimalistic designs are the best

When it comes to making the best of a small living room, less is always more. Convertible/multifunctional furniture such as ottomans that double as coffee tables and compartmentalized coffee tables that double as storage shelves are your best bet.

So are stools of various sizes that all fit into one another.

Ditch the dark shades

Ditch the dark shades

Dark rooms feel claustrophobic. Small dark rooms feel even more so. When choosing colors for your living room, go for light colors. A brilliant idea is to select light colors for your cushions, walls, and blinds to give the room a large, airy feel.

Transparent furniture

Did you know that stools and coffee tables with glass tops and legs, as well as acrylic furniture that easily allow light to pass through them contribute to a less cluttered look? Another hack that produces a similar result is using furniture with exposed legs.

They allow air and light to pass under and over the furniture, and as a bonus, provide space for storage.

Create an illusion of a larger space using mirrors

Mirrors create a double for whatever you feed them. A large mirror on the wall will give an illusion of a reflected wall being double its original size. Also, because light bounces off mirrors, you get a brighter room that gives an inviting ambiance.

Go for small furniture sets

Large tables and sofas with heavy cushions can feel like having a bull in a China shop. Chaotic. Disproportionate. Out of place. Nothing befits a small living room more than small furniture pieces. Your best bet is to go for those.

Get rid of clutter

Get rid of clutter

Clutter is the bane of any living space, and for a small room, it is imperative to find ingenious ways of keeping clutter at bay. It is even more imperative to maintain organizing habits. You can start by binning the broken decorative pieces on the shelf that you are still holding on to out of sentiments.

The farther the eyes can roam without being obstructed by unnecessary pieces, the freer and bigger the mind interprets the space.
Consider hanging your decorations

Since what is lacking in floor space, you can make the ceiling hold some of the decorations, such as a hanging plant or fancy lamp.

Put your shelf to good use

A shelf can create a brilliant focal point for your room while helping you to manage space. Think of a single shelf against the wall that can house your television set, decorative pieces, books, and can also act as storage for other knick-knacks that you would rather have out of plain sight.

A shelf keeps them all beautifully stacked against the wall while you dedicate your floor space to other important uses.