A dorm room is not just a place where you study and relax; it reflects your personality and unique taste. 

Of course, there are many projects for decorations, but we have selected the most amazing variants for doing it yourself. Moreover, they are all affordable, so be sure to try something from the list below.

Florarium, i.e., a Small Garden in a Bottle 

The point is to create a moist atmosphere in a hermetic container with a minimum amount of air. It is suitable for flowers such as calamus, royal begonia, pellionia, ivy, and others. When picking up plants, take their height into account – it must correspond to the dimensions of the container.

Look for a container made of glass – it should also have an easy-to-close spout. First, you need to put soil and drainage material into the bottle. Then, use a spoon to dig holes. Next, place the sprouts in them using sticks. Smoosh them down and spray them. Just a few steps – and the florarium is ready.

However, when using this technique, it is best to read about plants and how to care about them in advance. 

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Hooks for Your Things From… Cutlery

You’ve got so many forks and spoons that you simply don’t use all of them? In this case, turn the cutlery into a décor item that all your guests will be delighted with. Such clothes hooks will definitely not go unnoticed.

First, you need to change the metal object so that its shape will be curved. You can do this with a hammer or vise. Try to make the forks point in opposite directions. You can also engrave the names or simple patterns on the hooks.

Poufs From the Old Magazines

If you have lots of magazines in your dorm, then we have an idea. Instead of getting rid of them, we offer to make a comfortable pouf.

In addition to magazines, your décor item will consist of a wooden base, a cushion, and two straps that tie the entire construction together. It is recommended to select magazines of the same format and size to make the pouf more stable. Analyze how the elements look to decide whether they are a good match for a modern or more vintage interior.

Lampshade With Cotton Thread

If typical chandeliers from the malls don’t impress you, we suggest making a lampshade with your own hands. To do this, you will need wool, glue, plastic sheeting, and a balloon.

You have to blow up the balloon and wrap it with plastic sheeting. Place the threads on top of it, leaving some small holes in-between. Next, apply glue to the structure and remove the base when it dries.

Use this shade for both a chandelier and a lamp. But find balance with the threads. The harmony matters most – the structure must be strong but have gaps as well. The white yarn looks brilliant with a modern interior, while the multicolored one creates bright accents.


Using napkins and glue, you can easily decorate any items, creating a calm atmosphere.

Decoupage can be used on furniture, faience tiles, or glass. The drawing will depend on your room’s style. Thus, floral patterns are perfect for a vintage or Provence style. For a loft, turn to newspaper clippings, and for pop art – to bright pictures.

To do this, you will use a degreaser, glue, an image on thin paper, and acrylic gloss to fix everything on the object. Before you use the decoupage technique, better try your hand in advance, as with inaccurate application, bubbles may remain.

Fancy Shelves

If you are tired of the boring bookcases, then make your room truly unusual, thanks to the shelves of geometric forms. Due to their forms (they can be triangular, rhombus, etc.), such shelves will make any design unique.

They are made like ordinary ones: from wood or fiberboard material. Thanks to their cool shape, they don’t require any additional decorations. And the last step is to hang the shelves on the hook.


We often associate glowing lights with Christmas holidays, but they can also be handy for everyday decor, creating true magic in the dorm room.

Once you put garlands in a glass container, like a jar or vase, they turn into the night light. Just remember to make sure that the adjacent material doesn’t heat up.

If you place the garlands against the wall, they will look good with Polaroid pictures, illuminating them gorgeously. By adding such lighting to the interior, you find a balance between festive and everyday moods.


No doubt, electric lighting is much more practical, but candles always have a mystical charm. Using just a couple of candles seems trivial, so we suggest creating a whole composition that will bring the romance of ancient castles to your dorm. Put candles in several rows and place them on a separate shelf.


The mirror can be easily turned into a masterpiece with the help of seashells. If you bring them home after the vacation, don’t just put them in a drawer. Seashells of different sizes, colors, and shapes will make the frame really cool. All you need is just a special glue to fix the shells – it must be applied on a flat, glass surface. In addition to seashells, use pieces of a broken mirror or small plastic tiles.

To Wrap It Up

If you want to turn your dorm into the coziest place in the world, don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t be sad if something doesn’t work out. The DIY décor doesn’t have to be perfect – the main thing is that it reflects your mood and even personality traits.