A pond pump is a critical requirement for most ponds as in nature, all pools are filled with the help of a flowing stream or some similar source of water. Therefore, having a flow of water in an otherwise stationary body of water is natural and essential to keep the water free of algae and other build-ups. Pumps are also a crucial part of the pond filtration system as the filtering units will not be able to process the water in the pond in the absence of a pond pump. However, it can be a daunting task to choose the right kind of pond pump for your needs and liking. This issue can be easily solved by first figuring out what it is you desire to achieve in your pond and then with a simple visit to the solar pond pump guide.

The Different Kinds of Pumps Available:

There are various forms of pond pumps available, offering all different kinds of uses from pumps assisting infiltration of the pond to the pumps used to achieve a waterfall or fountain feature in the pond successfully. Most pumps used in ponds are submersible and are quite affordable. The various uses for which these pond pumps can be utilized are:

Feature Pond Pumps: these are usually a small-sized pond pump used to run a feature on top of or near to a pond. Most commonly used with features that are used to run “spitters” and other pond-side ornaments. These kinds of pumps are usually pretty inexpensive and smaller in size, and their primary function is to draw water from a shallow source.

Fountain Pond Pump: fountain pond pumps are most commonly used to achieve the successful operation of a decorative pond accessory, for example, a pond fountain or waterfall. However, these pond pumps are sometimes even used as a temporary fix for maintaining the water flow for the filtration system of a pond if the main pump malfunctions. Although, these are not recommended for that use and should only be a temporary solution until you get your main pump fixed.


Filter Pond Pump:  these are often considered the main pond pump and are essential for the successful function of a pond filtration system. These kinds of pumps assist the pond filtration system with a sufficient flow of water and help keep the pond water clean and healthy. Filter pumps are a part of any pond system, whether you have a decorative pond feature or not. These pumps are mainly responsible for keeping the pond fish and plants happy and healthy by keeping the pond water in the best possible state.

High-Pressure Pond Pump:  These kinds of pond pumps are responsible for producing a very high pressured flow rate. These are useful in times when a person wants to achieve an eye-catching pond feature, which will require very high pressure for the flow of water. Another good use for these pond pumps can be as a backup for when the main pump fails.


Knowing your requirements and choosing the correct pump for your needs is the best way to ensure a successful function and a hassle-free pond experience. Therefore, assessing the situation and knowing what you want to achieve with your pond is essential. Then whether it is a big fountain you want to run in the middle of your pond or a small rock waterfall, achieving that look will not be a project full of uncertainty and frustration.