Most larger homes have multiple floors and a staircase is used to connect all these floors together. In some homes, the staircase may become old and have to be repaired. In other cases, the room has a high ceiling and storage on top. To access the storage at the top usually a ladder is required. Climbing the ladder is often risky, since the ladder may fall. So the homeowner may construct a staircase. In other cases, a staircase is used to access rooms directly. Though it is expensive there are many advantages of staircase installation which are discussed below.

One of the main advantages of installing a staircase is that it increases the rental and resale value of the home. Replacement of the existing staircase is a major home improvement since it will last for a longer period of time, compared to the staircase it replaced. In other cases, the staircase may be installed to make it easier to access a place. For example usually most homes have only one main staircase inside the house. Having an external staircase to access a particular room or the terrace may make it easier to rent out the room, since the tenant does not have to enter the house to access the room.

In some cases, rooms have high ceilings and storage space is provided at the top of the room in the form of shelves. If the family members are not tall, they will usually find it difficult to access the shelves at the top of the room. They will usually require a stool or use a ladder. There is some risk of using this method to access the top shelf, since the person may fall, resulting in injuries. In comparison a staircase is far safer, since the danger of the staircase collapsing is far less . Also people can safely carry heavy items to keep in the storage shelves, since they do not have to worry about falling off the ladder.

In areas with tropical weather like Singapore, there is heavy rainfall due to which the roof is damaged. Many people want to inspect the roof to find out what the problem is or remove the dirt and debris from the roof. If they cannot find anyone to check the roof, they have to use a ladder for climbing up the roof. A ladder is always risky, since it may break or collapse. So it is better to construct a small staircase, which anyone can use to climb the roof. It is also safer to use the staircase for carrying materials for roof repair compared to using a ladder or other methods for accessing the roof.

Depending on the location of the staircase and the budget of the property owner, there are different designs and materials for the ladder available. Wooden staircases are becoming increasingly popular, since they are light in weight. They are also easily and quickly installed at any location and are used for internal staircases. The staircase can be designed to match the decor of the house. In some cases, the staircase has to be installed outdoors. In these cases waterproof material or metal will be used for the staircase, so that it is durable.