Windermere is a small town with the population just above 3500 in the orange county of Florida. The area was considered as a town in 1925. Windermere is probably one of the most striking places to live in Florida. The reason for that is perhaps the world’s most visited tourist site – Disney World Florida!

Yes, our very own Windermere is located in the north of Disney World. Just 15 minutes away from the magical tourist spot.

Overview of Windermere


As mentioned above, the town is located in the extreme north and not too far away from the enthralling world of Disney. The natural beauty also makes the place worthwhile as Windermere is located within the Windermere Chain of Lakes which is a depiction of the true natural beauty of Florida.

The temperature is warmer unlike most of the states in the United States but you are most like to come across beautiful roads cemented by bricks, landscapes and oak trees larger than an old man’s ambition to work after retirement. The downtown is smallest in Orlando comprising of just 5 shops. This might not be the perfect shopping destination like the famous Elizabeth Street in Belgravia London but it is the scenic view and high-quality coffee shops that make the place worthwhile.

The economy of Windermere FL

The economy of the city is very promising for people who have decided to settle in the city. With unemployment rate of 3.1% which is lower than the overall unemployment rate of the U.S as well as the Job opportunities of 3.9% which are significantly higher than the national figure of 1.6% speaks a lot about the strong economy of the town.

Future of Windermere is also quite sparkling with a promising job growth figure of 53%. We can say that Windermere has steadily but surely caught up with the industry and economy of Florida. The town is a great place to live in with several work-related opportunities which make the place a perfect option for professionals and family people to settle down.

Facilities in the Town

The town is facilitated with all kinds of entertainment opportunities for the people residing. There are several shopping malls followed by fast-food chains, local hospitals and rehabilitation centers. 20 schools are located alone in the town of 3500 people which says a lot about the education of the people. If we dig deeper in terms of education, 71% of people living in the town have a bachelor’s degree with good jobs that makes 95% of the population above the average poverty rate.

People can afford the basic necessities of life as well as entertainment opportunities as the median family income of the town is subjected to be $140,250. The family orientation and family-related facilities of the Windermere make it a great place for people who are looking to settle their family in Windermere FL homes for sale.

Homes in Windermere FL

The houses located nearer to the downtown and suburban area of the town are built on the more rustic and old architecture giving a total 1900s vibe but the more you move away from the suburbs and downtown you can see houses being constructed on a newer framework and architecture. It totally depends on the person regarding the type of house they want to live in as the prices do not differ as per the type of architecture but according to the size of the house that you are looking forward to settling in. This nonbiased division helps a lot in selecting the perfect Windermere FL homes for sale.

Prices of Houses

It is definitely clear the Windermere is one of the most expensive towns not only in the Orange Country but the whole of Central Florida. Most of the houses can be found in the 300,000$ range but if you are really lucky you can find a Townhouse in $250 grand. Windermere has been the Talk of the Towns and even cities for decades now and we won’t hesitate to say that the place has been known as the “it” neighborhood with its prime location near exotic tourist locations as well as the fact that it is located in literally the pocket of the Windermere Chain of Lakes.

One thing is for sure that whichever house you purchase, you won’t be disappointed in the decision as Windermere promises you never to bore you once you are in the city.

A beautiful house can be found in any of the beautiful streets of the area and you can imagine how it feels living a few minutes away from the most striking destinations of the whole world.

A promising economy, beautiful location and tourist attractions all in one city, but what you would be expecting to spend if you make up your mind to settle down in the place?

Average Median Price of a House

In the fancier neighborhoods like the Irish downtown, some houses have been sold for millions but we think that it is a bit too overboard for a family of three or four and a lot overboard if you are just a single.

The average median price of a house is $480,000 with an average sales tax of somewhere to $5600 or a little higher. This may seem a bit higher than some or many of the other towns in the US but considering the quality and lifestyle of the area, it makes the investment worth it.

Final Decision

The final decision about whether you should be moving to Windermere for a new and promising future is entirely yours. We have just provided you with the facts and figures on why we believe that a home in this town is worth a shot of your money.

We recommend not making an investment unless you are completely satisfied based on the analysis of the area and reasons why it suits you because investing in a house is easy but it is the happy smiles that make it a home!