One of the things that most nutritionists recommend you stop consuming entirely to live a healthier life is alcohol. While hard alcohol and beer can have negative effects on your liver, calorie balance, and metabolism, wine has positive benefits for many, especially women. It’s grapes that make wine: red and purple grapes make red wine, and white wine is made from grapes that have not yet ripened or green grapes.

For the best health benefits and medical outcomes, it is wise to have your dinner with a glass of wine. This is especially true because red and purple grapes have the most nutritional value. In essence, drinking wine regularly, but in moderation, is good for your overall health. A single glass of wine daily will do wonders for your well-being. Furthermore, if you are looking for a cure to prevent asian flush which is one side effect of drinking alcohol, check Sunset online. Non-alcoholic wines can be a great alternative for those suffering from diabetes mellitus or low secretion of gastrointestinal juice. In fact, even non alcoholic red wine is recommended for people with high blood pressure: in 2012, studies showed that red wine without alcohol helps reduce blood pressure.

Here are 9 reasons why you should have that glass of wine every day.

1. Improves Memory

Wine is great for your blood vessels as it reduces inflammations and prevents blood clots. Both of these symptoms are behind cognitive decline and memory loss. Plus, a substance found in wine has been widely touted as having some anti-aging effects. In a memory-based quiz taken by elderly participants, it was established that those that drank a glass of wine a day scored higher on the quiz. There should always be a great time for a glass of wine.

2. Reduces Chances of Heart Disease

Wine has antioxidants that are especially good at preventing the risk of heart disease. Because wine reduces inflammation, it also reduces heart disease and significantly lowers blood pressure. Also, the antioxidants increase the “good” cholesterol levels and lower the low-density lipids (“bad” cholesterol). This way, they protect the arteries from damage and enable a smooth blood flow. Also, wine increases the omega-3 fatty acids levels. Omega-3 is primarily known to aid in blood circulation and protect the heart. Your heart rate may be better with a glass of wine a day.

3. Protect Your Teeth from Bacteria

Wine is known to have antimicrobial effects. Drinking wine has a little known way of protecting your teeth. Stocking wine at home will be crucial in ensuring a glass of wine accompanies your meals. Scientists have seen a direct correlation between wine and fighting bacteria. In an experiment, scientists placed a biofilm of five common oral-plaque causing bacteria and, applying red wine on the film – it degraded all the bacteria.

4. A Boost to Your Body Defenses

In one British study, individuals that had a glass of wine a day reduced the risk of infection by H Pylori bacteria by as much as 11%. This is the bacteria behind the worst cases of ulcers, gastritis, and stomach cancers. Also, in a recent Spanish study, it was established that as little as half a glass a day might guard you against some cases of food poisoning caused by being exposed to germs like salmonella.

5. Help Keep the Scale in Your Corner

Studies find that regular wine drinkers have a relatively lower body mass as compared to those that indulge occasionally. In fact, moderate wine drinkers are more likely to have slimmer waists and abdominal fat as compared to liquor drinkers. Also, wine may encourage your body to continue burning calories for as long as 90 minutes after the drink.

6. Reduce Blood-Sugar Troubles

Premenopausal women who regularly take a glass or two of wine a day are 40 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to non-drinkers. These are findings of a 10-year study by the Harvard Medical School. While the fine details aren’t clear, wine does seem to reduce insulin resistance in many diabetic patients significantly.

7. Building Better Bones

On average, moderate wine takers do seem to have more bone mass compared to abstainers. Also, wine does seem to boost estrogen levels in women, the hormone that slows the destruction of bones. As we get older, a glass of wine becomes essential.

8. Aid with Menopause

Did you know estrogen is directly tied with menopause? A glass of wine a day can help in easing the symptoms caused by declining estrogen levels. The chances of being diagnosed with diabetes and ovarian cancer increase after menopause, and wine could help prevent these two monsters.

9. Reduce Arthritic Pain

A glass of wine a day will help ease arthritis pain. Wine helps reduce inflammations and swellings caused by arthritis. But, check with your doctor to see if it’s a good combination, especially if you are on medication.

While a single glass of wine a day has these immense benefits on your well-being, more than one may have negative effects. Wine is an alcoholic drink, after all, and one glass too many can have disastrous consequences. You must take it with moderation, so it doesn’t become harmful.