Camping is one of the main activities that people participate in while out on vacation. Some prefer to rent a camper van, while others use tents while out in the wild. Camping offers an opportunity for people to relax and enjoy the natural surrounding away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The individual can camp as couples or include their friends on the camping trip. There are various essentials that individuals need to carry to stay comfortable while out in the wild when going out. The most common items include tents, charging devices, cooking devices, and a storage compartment for food and water. These items are enough for you to survive while you are not near any civilization. The only tricky part is how you will take a shower since there are no bathrooms around. That is why a portable hot water system was developed to allow you to take showers while camping. Here are some of the benefits of the portable hot water system.


While you are out exploring the outdoors, you will most likely engage in activities that will leave you sweating during the day. It would be best if you took a shower, and that might not be possible unless there is a water source nearby. Most people cannot take cold showers, and they need to have a system that warms the water. This is where the Joolca hot tap hot water system comes into play. The system is designed to allow you to take hot showers anywhere, provided the small tank is filled with water. The heating process takes minutes, and you can comfortably enjoy a good shower without any issues. You can also use some of the water to clean your dishes when the weather is cold, and you have not made any fire. The product has a wide range of accessories to suit any adventure or conditions present while you are in off-grid regions.

Energy efficiency

Portable hot water systems use various sources of energy depending on the type and manufacturer’s settings. Some only require the sun to warm up the water, others require heating devices such as gas, and the rest will require a car battery or one that has a rechargeable battery. The selection depends on the condition of the camping area and what you have at your disposal. The hot water system is energy efficient since only a small amount of power is required to heat the water for use in washing dishes and showering. 


The hot water system can be carried anywhere you may need to use water while you are traveling. It is compact and easy to carry in your car when you are out camping. You can also have it in your house as a backup in case there are power outages in the region. You no longer have to worry about not getting hot showers or getting any warm water for other uses while exploring the various forests and camping stations.


At Joolca, you will find that there are other accessories present apart from portable hot water systems. There is also pumping equipment when you near a particular water source and also shower tents. When you need to undertake any camping trip, ensure that you have the necessary kits, equipment, and portable water heating system in place to make the trip more enjoyable and comfortable.