Deciding on the hair tool to travel with can be challenging. Some hair tools are heavy and large that they make your suitcase heavy. And carrying them in another suitcase is costly because of luggage expenses.

Some hot tools voltage might be higher than what is allowed in the country you are going to. But, you cannot travel without your hair tools because some hotels do not have a dryer. And those that have might be one that will take a longer time and effort to use.

We have put together some best travel hair tools according to professional hairstylists to save you from this challenging stress anytime you are traveling.

But before that, let us look into some factors to consider when buying travel hair tools;

Size: make sure you go for a compact and portable tool so it won’t take up the space meant for other important things. Small products like a French hair pin are easy to sneak into your luggage, while larger tools like straighteners can cause more problems.

Weight: ensure the tool does not weigh much. Imagine having to drag your luggage just because of the weight of your tool.

Voltage: different countries have different power outlets. Therefore, if you are going on international travels, check that the tool you are going for has a dual voltage, to avoid electrical hazards.

Best Travel Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is an essential tool in the hair care routine. The main use of a hairdryer is to dry the hair. However, it can create different styles with different available attachments. This makes it a must for your vacation or trip.

But, because of size and weight, you might not be able to travel with your regular hair dryer.

Therefore, you should invest in a travel-size dryer. But not all travel-size dryers are suitable; professional hair stylists recommend that you look for a few key features in a travel-size hair dryer.

According to professional hairstylists, these two hair dryers are best to travel with.

Amika Mighty Mini Hairdryer

Even though this dryer is small, its capacity is like a regular dryer. Its wattage is 1200 Watts, and it is an ionic dryer which means it cuts down the time spent on drying.

One of its best features is the dual voltage which makes it suitable for international trips as you can switch to the necessary voltage.

Drybar Baby Buttercup Travel Blow Dryer

The beauty of this product is that its performance is 100% like that of a regular dryer. Its wave heater feature allows for even heat distribution. And it is suitable for all hair types.

Best Travel Flat Iron

A flat iron is known for taming unruly hair. However, just like hairdryers, they can create various styles. You are on vacation does not mean you should not spot a good hairstyle. Therefore, you should have a travel-size flat iron handy. According to professional hairstylists, these are the best travel flat iron;

The beauty of this flat iron is that it has heat settings that deliver salon result hair. Its half-inch plates grip the hair at the root and add more volume to hair. It has dual voltage settings for overseas travel.

Best Travel Hair Curler

It can be distressing having high-maintenance hair and planning your trips. High-maintenance hair needs enough styling care to look good. And you should not deny your hair the styling it deserves because you want to pack light.

So, if you have high maintenance hair and it is a must for you to go on a trip with your curler or curling iron. Then you will want to look at this best travel hair curler recommended by professional hairstylists.

Conair 1″ Ceramic Mini Curling Iron

This curling iron helps create a sleek, stylish design. Its temperature is about 3650F, and it has a dual voltage. The beauty of Conair Ceramic Mini Curling Iron is that it heats up evenly within 30 seconds. It is small, making it suitable for traveling without taking space, for all hair types. However, it is a bit on the expensive side.

Remington Pro Collapsible Curling Wand

The thermal technology of the Remington pro collapsible curling wand is optimized not to damage the hair. With heat settings of up to 400F, you can easily create an effortless style from your curls. It has a collapsible barrel; therefore, it can easily fit into your makeup box when traveling.

BERTA Mini Hair Curler 

The BERTA mini hair curler is affordable, so you can go for this if you have a tight budget. It heats up faster and is suitable for all hair types. The curler is portable, making it perfect for travel. However, it does not have dual voltage settings, so you will need an adaptor if you go on an overseas trip.

Best Travel Hair Brush

To maintain sleek and lovely hair during your trips, you have to get a hairbrush. And here are the brush type recommended by professional hairstylists;

CINEEN Rainbow Mini Round Folding Comb Travel Hair Brush

This hairbrush is lightweight and has an inner mirror. It is compact, and you can fold it into your handbag.

Conair Pro Hair Brush

Conair pro hair brush has a flexible cushion base with ball-tipped bristles. It is good for detangling and styling, and you can use it for all hair types. This hairbrush is so portable that you can put it in your makeup brush when traveling.

Wet Brush Pro Detangler

The bristle on this pro detangler brush glides through your hair and smoothens all the tangles without pulling your hair. You can use it on wet or dry mane; it also works on wigs and extensions.


These are the best travel hair tools. Remember to look out for the size, weight, and dual voltage when you want to buy a travel hair tool next. However, if you do not get a dual voltage tool, you can buy an adaptor to control the power surge.