What’s that you say? You left work yesterday and it wasn’t already dark? And you opened the curtains this morning and the room got brighter? That must mean… the sun still exists!

Winter seemed to get a contract extension this year, with dark days, miserable weather and, more recently, constant battering winds making us all check the calendar to see if we really were a full two months in. But, the winds appear to be subsiding, the sun looks to be rearing its head occasionally, and there’s a general feeling that good times may just be on their way back.

As spring begins, our thoughts naturally turn to summer and the general fun and frolics that await. For most people, nothing beats a warm summer’s day, and we want our setting to match up to the glorious weather. At home, that means moving things from post-Christmas slump into fresh summer scene – and here’s how you can do it.

Introduce summer colours and airy textures

Introduce summer colours

What are summer colours? Like most design concepts, they seem to differ every year, but the general idea is to go for light and bright options – blues, greens and various pastel shades. Now, introducing summer colours doesn’t mean you have to repaint the house every season. You can splash some colours on the walls if you want, but you can also introduce furniture pieces, plants, pots and throws that bring the colour hit you’re looking for.

As for the materials you want to introduce, think of bringing in a woven basket or a light cotton blanket for the evenings. Using a warmly toned rug in the main room will also create a welcoming summer atmosphere.

Bring in some organic elements

Speaking of woven baskets, natural accessories are a long-time friend of summer interior design. Wooden elements like bowls and small furniture pieces are perfect to add, while finding some exotic plants will also add some excitement to your chosen space.

Change the lighting

By this point in the year you’re no doubt sick of the dim, yellow light that’s been showing the way for the past few months. Now with daylight hours extending again, you want to be using them to your advantage.

Try and create as much natural lighting around your property as possible during the summer months. Clean your windows, create space around them and even add a few mirrors to enhance the sunshine.

If you’re struggling for window coverage and unable to let a lot of light in, why not change your standard lightbulbs out for white bulbs? They’ll help to create a sense of brightness akin to sunlight.

Move things around

Move things around

Life in summer is vastly different to life in winter. Winter is all about being wrapped up on the sofa, heating on and watching the telly. Summer is about spending time outside with friends and enjoy the weather.

Your house is used quite differently during those periods, so what about switching up your layout to suit the season? Move the sofa to look out into the garden rather than direct to the TV or push the dining table to one side if you’re planning on eating outside. Adjust your room to encourage the behaviours you want to see during the hotter months, then you can happily switch things back around come autumn and winter.

A big addition

There are plenty of minor touches you can make to improve the sunniness of your home, as seen above, but you could also use the arrival of summer to make a big addition. A grand new sofa, a sparkling new kitchen, perhaps a full room overhaul – there’s arguably no better time for some interior retail therapy.

If you are looking towards some more serious home renovation, make sure you’ve budgeted properly for it. Summer is a financially demanding time, with holidays and plenty of activities going on, so don’t get caught out with unnecessary spends.

Spring may have just started, but summer is only a few months away. As we get to enjoy our first glimpses of sunny weather, you can start preparing for plenty more of it with a few key additions around the house.