Every space that you own needs a touch of wall art. Many people, who start interior designing their space, design their walls at last. Travel themed wall art is another important thing to consider other than the paint on the walls and the furniture.

Travel themed wall art is the biggest feature that you can add while designing your space. When you choose the right wall art for your room, you will end up designing your room perfectly. That is why wall art matters the most in interior design.

Hanging the right pieces of art that blend perfectly with surroundings will give u a harmonious interior. Designing your space is like adding life to the otherwise still walls. A perfect interior design helps in the well being of the people living there and also enhances the functional performance of body. That is the main reason why so many coffee shops and other restaurants invest so much time and money in designing their interiors. A perfect interior provide comfort to the customers so that they could enjoy their meal.

Travel Themed Wall Decor1

Knowing the importance of travel themed wall art in a space, we know now that it is not something that should be dealt at last while designing an interior. Say, for instance you’re a lover of a particular destination and you wanted to have a poster on incredible India or an art about pop culture, then your choice must be reflected very well in the space. A wall art idea must complement with the purpose that space is designed for.

There are many factors that play a deciding role while choosing a perfect travel themed wall art like color, personalizing interior and focus of attention.

Let us have a look on the reasons why wall art plays a significant role in interior design:

  • Helps in deciding color palette: Choosing a right color palette for your space is a very difficult task while designing interior of any place. The number of shades available at painting store makes the task even more daunting and hectic. It becomes extremely tiring to find a right shade for the space. Therefore, instead of wasting the time in deciding the right color for the wall, we should focus on searching the right wall art for the space. Once we decide which pieces we want to hang in our room, choosing the color palette becomes extremely easy.

So, the first step is to pick some shades of travel themed wall art that matches your taste and style and that you want to incorporate in your space. After that choose the decorative items that matches the cor of the wall art. Finally choose the contrasting shades of paint. The whole process becomes so easy once we choose the desired wall art for our interiors.

  • A perfect wall art idea creates a focal point: The most basic key of interior design is that every room needs a focal point that draws everyone’s attention. You can choose a wall art for this purpose as a beautiful piece of art can catch eyes of every single person who enters that space. Imagine hanging your favorite piece of wall art in your room above the fireplace or above your bed. Similarly a wall art can be used to spice up an otherwise traditional space.

When you decide that an amazing travel themed wall art will be the focal point of your space, the most important thing to consider is the size of it. A very small art work can be overlooked and a very large size will look awful. Therefore, do not forget to take the measurement of the space available on your wall while purchasing a perfect wall art for your room.

  • Helps in bringing sense of texture: All wall art are not equal. There is an art in variety of mediums as they help in adding texture to a space. Besides paintings and prints, you can also add shadow boxes and sculptures to your space to add more depth. You can also add digital art to beautify your interiors. All these things add texture to your space that adds visual weight to your interiors.


For example, when you go through bedroom travel themed wall art ideas, you will come to know that rough textures add an intimate feel to the space whereas light textures bring a sleeker look to the room.

  • Adds finishing to room: Wall art acts like a finishing element that makes a space look complete. It adds a little extra touch to the interiors that the space automatically starts looking graceful and elegant. The key is to choose a wall art for your space that matches perfectly with the decorating style you have decided for your interiors. The combination of right decor and a perfect wall art is unbeatable. The finishing effect that a travel themed wall art brings into a space is commendable. Try finding some amazing bedroom wall art ideas for your space. Deciding cozy interiors will never let you leave the place in the first place.
  • Creates personalized effect: Wall art is a commendable way to personalize your interior. Say for instance if you are a lover of traditional and ancient art works, you might go with Rajput paintings in your décor, or if you are a fan of bohemian culture, you might go with boho and minimal décor. Many people love to customize their rooms according to their personality. Like many restaurants and eating joints have a theme to attract more and more customers. For example, you are a person who loves music then obviously you will find music related things to customize your walls according to your taste. Wall art is an amazing way to add personalizes your walls. Thus, travel themed wall art allows you to do creative things with your space.

Beautiful wall art ideas help to completely separate a room from a normal place. Wall art is the most significant thing to decide while deciding interiors of your room. When used correctly, travel themed wall art provides a superb framework for your space. When perfectly chosen, wall art adds a very unique and personal effect to your space. All you need to do is to find a perfect piece of art and theme for your space and then see the magic. Therefore, a wall art should never be an afterthought. It should be the first thing to decide while designing any place.