Dyson is one of the most popular consumer product manufacturers in Singapore selling a wide range of vacuum cleaners, hair straighteners and tower fans. The company is selling the appliance with a few accessories depending on the type of appliance. In some cases, the customer has to purchase the additional accessories he requires so that he can use it for more applications. In other cases, there may be promotional offers which bundle the accessories with the product, for a limited time period. Appliance buyers would like to find out the different Dyson accessories and how to purchase them. They should be aware that the accessories available will depend to a large extent on the appliance he plans to purchase or already has

Vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaners are the most popular Dyson home appliances which are available for sale in Singapore. Since Dyson is always upgrading its technology to develop new vacuum cleaners, there are different models of vacuum cleaners available for sale. The accessories for these vacuum cleaners will often vary depending on the model selected, though a few accessories can be used with all the vacuum cleaners. Some of these accessories make it easier to remove dirt from corners and other hard to reach places, while others like filters, batteries are replaced periodically if the vacuum cleaner is used often

Hair styler

Hair stylers are another popular product from Dyson. Like the vacuum cleaners, Dyson has different models of hair stylers and hair dryers, so it is advisable to check the model number before searching for suitable accessories. For some models of hair stylers there are air-wraps available in different sizes like 30 mm and 40 mm. There are also brushes provided for smoothing and volumizing. A brush is also provided for cleaning the filters. Like most other products, a bag is provided for storing the hair styler, accessories and carrying them while traveling or other reasons.


The weather in Singapore is hot and humid, so many people are using the cooling fans. These fans have filters which remove the dirt from the air, purifying it. The filters should be cleaned regularly, and after they degrade, they should be replaced. The user should check the existing filter in the fan, and then search for a replacement for the filter of the same model number. The fans are mostly using carbon activated and hepa filters. If the user has multiple fans, he can consider purchasing a combo pack of hepa, carbon filters, which is cheaper.

Purchasing options

The appliance user can purchase the Dyson accessory from the Dyson website. Based on the model of the Dyson appliance which he already has, he can check the range of accessories available. In some cases, he may want to purchase the accessory to enhance its functionality, while in other cases, the existing accessory is damaged or lost. Dyson offers a warranty of two to five years on all the accessories which are directly purchased from the Dyson website. He can also purchase accessories from other suppliers, though the quality should be checked.