We have all been in annoying and awkward positions where we have lost our keys, locked them in our home or business or worst of all had them stolen. These feelings of embarrassment and annoyance are something that we have all felt. In these times of need, it’s handy to have a reliable locksmith on your side to help out. 

Having a professional locksmith on call, that you know, and trust is important for every home and business owner. It’s not very often we need their services, but when we do, having a reliable locksmith you already know helps you avoid any more unneeded stress.

To help you choose the right locksmith we have put together some things you should look for in your locksmith. These locksmith guidelines will help you choose the right people for the job. 

  • Your Locksmith Location

Where your locksmith is based is essential for you. Do you need a Newcastle locksmith or someone further south? In that case, research where your local locksmiths are based, check their reviews and the area they service.

Most city-based locksmiths will serve their surrounding areas. It is always a good idea to call in advance to make sure your chosen locksmith goes where you need them to.

  • Locksmith Experience

When searching for a car locksmith, emergency locksmith or simply a locksmith in your area, it’s important to know the experience of the company.

You can do this by calling them and asking some questions, you can also check with other businesses and homeowners or check online reviews. 

This will give you an indication of the services that they provide, their efficiency and whether they cover all your locksmith needs.

  • Locksmith Services

Should you require a car locksmith, the changing of PVC panels or the repair of door locks and handles, it’s important to get a full-service locksmith. 

Some teams may only undertake certain locksmith tasks. Do your research and ensure the locksmith you choose does the jobs that you require.

If you have a commercial business, you will need a commercial locksmith that works 24/7, this ensures your business is never at risk should mistake or issues occur.

Key Fit Locksmiths are one such locksmith company in Newcastle that provides 24-hour emergency locksmith services.

This means you can get into your car, home or business any time of day or night should an issue occur with your locks.

  • Recommendations

Check-in with your friends, family and colleagues who have recently used a locksmith and get an idea of their experiences.

Having trusted recommendations from people you know is a better way to learn about any business, not just a locksmith.

You can get an idea of costs, the services that they provide and what they are like to deal with.

You can then make a list of some potential prospects and give them a call to find out a little more about them and their business.

  • Certifications and Insurance

As an unregulated trade/service in the UK, it’s important that you choose a registered and trusted locksmith company.

A DBS certificate is one of the leading ways to identify an established, trusted and experienced master locksmith business. 

Ensure they are fully qualified and insured to work on your home and business.

  • Final Thoughts

We hope that we do not need the services of a locksmith very often. By using these guidelines, you should be able to find a professional locksmith company that is experienced, work in your area and conduct all the services that you need.

Remember to look for a team that is insured, registered and where possible recommended by friends and family.