The growing energy demands have heightened the need for an efficient, more reliable system. The DOAS system, though a relatively latest technology, is swiftly gaining popularity in the commercial space.

The overall market for dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) is predicted to rise from $-3.7 billion in 2018 to $-5.4 billion by 2024. Coupled with state-of-the-art technology, DOAS has contributed majorly to diminishing the overall carbon footprint.

So, how can you benefit from these dehumidifiers?

  • It has proven to improve humidity control with less use of energy
  • Makes use of simplified ventilation and control
  • Decoupled ventilation air that ensures fresh air for the indoors
  • Equal distribution of air for large commercial spaces
  • Lower installation cost

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Before you jump into investing lump sum money, it is crucial to contemplate a few components of a DOAS system.

Energy Efficient

The primary function of a dedicated system is to keep a check on your energy requirements. Also, you get a better opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint through this system. Hence, it becomes paramount that you choose a brand that regularly reduces the energy used for air conditioning, ventilation, or ceiling fans.

The specific model should help relieve your annual energy use burden and boost your savings.

Maintenance Cost

Since you will be investing a higher stake in this technology, they should guarantee you ease of use. Few systems have a touch-safe control panel and a remote-controlled monitoring feature that lets you detect errors in real-time.

Monitoring can help you recognize any fault on time and lower additional operational costs caused due to delays.

Moreover, these air systems should have a well-insulated exterior for long-lasting functionality in any given environment.

Indoor Air Quality

In addition to the maintenance, the DOAS should improve any building’s IAQ (indoor air quality). The outdoor air can carry pollutants and dirt that can pave its way inside any establishment.

As a buyer, look for systems with suitable dehumidifiers that control any impurities in the building. Adding, they should also ward off building issues like mold growth.

Outdoor Air Requirements

Besides its functionality, it is essential to assess its varied applications. Whether you need to install them for a hospital, hotel, school, etc., require a different volume of outdoor air.

For example, a hospital or clinic would need high occupancy and volume of fresh air compared to a grocery store. Hence, the building owners should know the prerequisites before buying a DOAS unit.

System Design

If you are looking for a DOAS system for a new building, it is ideal to consider the design and layout of the system.

Adding a DOAS to your existing HVAC system can help elevate the performance. An air handler accompanies the system with varied ducts for ventilation purposes.

Therefore, you must consider that your building has enough space for the rooftop installation of this complex machinery.

Ending Notes

DOAS is the next big thing in the energy and air quality department. With a significant shift towards healthy building and indoor air quality, its demand is expected to elevate in the coming years.