Whether you are adding a mini golf course to an existing business or you are establishing one as a standalone business, this article is for you.

A miniature golf business has come a long way from being just a mini golf course with a few holes to becoming more extravagant and colourful. And in many cases including other games like pinball, laser tagging, and many more. There is basically no limit to what you can do with your mini golf course, you can make it as crazy and challenging as possible.

Designing and decorating your crazy golf venue can both be fun and challenging at the same time. There is just so much to consider, and you might find yourself stuck with making a choice on the theme that you want to use. Also, with competition being fierce in London, you have top designs and decoration styles from South to North, from East to the West of the City.

The More Fun and Challenge The Better

When designing your crazy golf venue, you need to focus on two things – fun and challenge. If your crazy golf venue is what it says it is (fun and challenging) then you will be able to keep customers coming back, and you will also attract new customers through referrals or word of mouth. Many of the world’s most popular mini golf venues are nothing short of “crazy” because they have an extremely fun atmosphere and the holes are also quite challenging with varying degrees of difficulties and obstacles. Your goal should be to include everything that you think anyone from 5 years and up would love to have at a crazy golf venue.


It is best to have a consistent theme throughout your crazy golf venue. If you are setting up your mini golf course on a large area or space then you can play around with multiple themes, but they all have to sync. Many crazy golf venues across the world have themes that are popular and both adults and kids can relate to. For instance, you are going to find many pirate themed crazy golf venues, as well as other popular themes like tribal, and Jurassic themes. If you are able to pull off the theme, you will have created a venue that people want to visit every chance they get.


You must ensure that your crazy golf course has a “feel”, and that can be achieved with decorating to match your desired theme. You want customers to walk and immediately get the “vibe” of the mini golf course venue. You really should consider consulting professional designers if you are serious about designing a fantastic crazy golf venue that can make you a lot of profit.
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