There’s something about a well-organized home that feels so relaxing and comfortable. Research suggests that having a place to unwind where everything is in place, no clutter around, and ample space to walk around is necessary for our mental well-being. But given the hectic lifestyle that most people lead, it feels impossible to allot time to anything beyond work. 

However, it is not impossible to have an organized and clean-looking home. All you need are a  few professional tips on home organizing to help you stay on top of the game. Read on to find out how you can get that well-organized home.

Invest in a Customized Closet

Closets are not just aesthetic in terms of design, but ergonomic too. Closets have much more room than a regular shelf. This means you can organize your things all the more effectively by hanging, shelving, and storing things in the drawers all at once. For example, rather than investing in multiple storage units for shoes, belts, clothes, and accessories, you can have them all in one place. 

The best part is, there are numerous stores online and offline, which let you customize your storage units and closets. . You can organize everything, clothes, and decorative pieces in your home in these closets from Modular Closets seamlessly. This means you can get one that matches the decor and interiors of your home. Rather than having your books lying on a coffee table and your clothes on a chair, you can ensure everything is in place and away from plain sight by leaving them in the closet. As you have a dedicated space for every object in the closet, you will not have to struggle to find your things every time. 

Categorize The Storage

Evaluate your wardrobe to understand what you need from your closet. Then, prepare a plan based on the space you need for your clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. You could also get a closet built with an ironing board, seating, hampers, storage spaces, etc., based on your personalized needs. Nobody but you understands your lifestyle better, so get creative and work with your designer to build a closet that suits your needs and matches your home. Remember that it is great to have a walk-in closet only if you have a big enough home to accommodate it. You cannot be living in a small home and fill most of it with the closet. So, evaluate your needs, keep your budget in mind, and design to suit your home. 

While we can store almost everything in the closet, there’s no denial that clothes take up most of the space. This could mean that you will have to spend some time sorting your clothes in an orderly fashion. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a closet full of clothes that are hard to sort through. And every time you open the closet, you might see a pile of clothes falling on you from nowhere because you did not organize them right. 

You could start by organizing your clothes based on the season, material, or the frequency at which you might wear them. This makes it easy for you to find it. For instance, the last thing you want while getting late to work is to look through a closet full of clothes, unable to find that shirt. So instead, have separate spaces for your work, home, party clothes. You could do the same with accessories too. That way, finding the perfect belt, the stylish watch, or those bling-a-ling earrings wouldn’t be a challenge. 

Have Noticeable Dividers

Having partitions, not just for your clothes and accessories, you should plan to divide the closet for other reasons. For instance, you might have to share the closet with your spouse, partner, or someone else in the future. Rather than trying to fit all your things into one space when the need to share arises, build noticeable dividers into the closet while designing them. This will give you the freedom to have your personal space even when you are sharing it. Women’s clothing takes up more space, so make sure the part of the closet for women allows for it. 

Similarly, men’s clothes might need to be organized differently than that of women. So, while designing or picking a closet, try to find one with more space to hang clothes. That way, when you are reorganizing your closet for your spouse or creating room for your partner, you will have a clear idea of what goes where. 

Match Your Home Décor

Your closet could be your style statement, an epitome of luxury, and a perfect way to complement the aesthetics of your home. Style the closet with personalized accessories, hues that match the walls, and create a theme that perfectly suits your home. Have you noticed how most hotels have a wardrobe that matches the main theme of the hotel like a bohemian-themed hotel is most likely to have a closet with copper-colored wallpapers to elevate the theme further? You could do the same at your home too. 

Get as creative as you can with both the style and utility of your closet. For example, you could add large mirrors that come in handy while you dress up while also creating an illusion of space in your room. Similarly, you could have lighting in the clothing rods to create a boutique like-look.

No two people have the same lifestyle, so it does not make sense to buy a pre-designed closet. In addition, not having enough space to store all your belongings can get frustrating after spending a fortune on purchasing a storage unit. So, take the time, do your research, and bring home a closet that you have personalized designed to suit your needs. 

Do you have any fun tips to follow while designing and organizing a closet? Let us know in the comments section.